Swing to the Genre of Big Band Music

Big band music is a frequently heard of name in the different genres of music. The swing is an integral part of big band music. It was in the 1920s when swing made its foray into the heart of the people of America and those living outside. It was New Orleans from where it all started. The music of instruments such as coronet and trumpet was at that time playing in people’s minds. The band that was a hot favorite was King Oliver. Louis Armstrong and Fletcher Henderson were in this band.

Fletcher Henderson of King Oliver is considered as the innovator of Big Band Swing. The real groundwork of the swing as we know it today started from there. Henderson standardized the use of trombones, trumpets and saxophones and he expanded greatly on the different sound sections and instruments. He also put off some of the instruments and fully harmonized what was present.

Swing came to be distinguished because of its supple feel. Another person besides Henderson who is credited with the development of the swing is Walter Page. Starting from the ’20s till the ’30s, it continued to rule the roost. People often ridiculed this genre of music, the big band music. Few looked at it with curiosity and it was not until 1935 that swing music in its distinctive style started to capture the heart and soul of the people. Earlier, the bands were made of African American members; slowly western musicians formed swing bands too.

Different styles developed with the different bands. A sense of individuality was apparent and this reflected in the music genre too. The style was mostly reminiscent of the charisma of band leaders. Count Basie was identified with his propulsive and relaxed swing. The Dixieland style of swing belonged to Bob Crosby. A driving swing was hard and it was Benny Goodman who forayed into it. In addition, Duke Ellington was also able to shine high and clean amongst these names with his sophisticated and varied music.

The sounds in the orchestra that dominated were the sounds of instruments such as clarinets. It was purely Benny Goodman’s style and also Woody Herman’s and Artie Shaw’s. In music genius Jack Teagarden’s orchestra, it was the trombone. Harry James favored the trumpet. Similarly, drums were the favorite of Gene Krupa. These popular and eminent musicians and their bands amplified this genre of music with the help of their star vocalists. For instance, there was Frank Sinatra together with Tommy Dorsey, and Helen O’Connell as well as Bob Eberly who were with Jimmy Dorsey. Other famous individuals include Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb, Jimmy Rushing, Billie Holiday and Count Basie. Some bands relied strongly on soloists.

With no market for the smaller recording groups, the dominant forces came to realize that they have to retire pretty soon. Hence, Jelly Roll Morton as well as King Oliver retired to obscurity, although strong forces in such courses were Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines. The “white” big bands belonged to names as Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Shep Fields.

This genre of music, or the big band music, comprising both jazz and swing lifted spirit of the people and the morale of the soldiers during World War II. Many members of the bands also served and toured with the military.

Elements of Big Band Music

Big band music is referred to as jazz and the swing. Typically, this genre of music, or big band music, is all about brass, rhythm and a lot of woodwind instruments. Hence, the orchestra is large – with approximately 12 to even 25 musicians present. When 17 piece instrumentations developed in big band music, it gave way to five saxophones. Of these saxophones, two were tenors, one baritone and two altos. Four trumpets were also present besides, 4 trombones and dour rhythm section, which were composed of electric bass or acoustic bass, drums, a guitar and the piano.

There is no standard arrangement of musicians as such as more or even less numbers are used. Sometimes the arrangers also change the common instruments. For instance, instead of the ordinary trombone, there is a valve trombone. Besides, the horn baritone, bass clarinet, vibes, tuba and even French horn, accordion as well as banjo or various types of strings are also used. Common strings used for a big band are cello, viola, and the violin. Both male and female vocalists form part of this genre of music and they need to perform with the entire arrangement in unison.

Some jazz players prefer a higher number of saxophone players in their instrumental arrangements. Hence, flute, bass clarinet and soprano sax are doubled up. If the music demands various mutes in changing sounds, then the number of trombone and trumpet players in the arrangement has to be increased. Sometimes, a flugelhorn is also used.

In jazz arrangements, it is frequently seen that the guitar players are not called upon. Those behind the instruments that give or add to the rhythms in better way and electric and acoustic instruments are given more importance. Cowbells, triangles or tambourines, and instruments of Latin auxiliary percussions form part of the Jazz orchestra.

How Big Band Music Evolved

Initially, at the beginning of 1920s, big bands had 10–25 pieces of instruments. At that time, the form of jazz that was usually played had a string section. As the swing was introduced in 1935, this section was dropped. Another melodious form of jazz was simultaneously evolving which was romantic and sweet. Some of the prominent names belonging to this genre of music were Sam Lanin, Paul Whiteman, Vincent Lopez, Harry Reser, Ted Lewis, Leo Reisman, Nat Shilkret, Isham Jones, Shep Fields, Abe Lyman, George Olsen, Bob Haring, Ben Bernie, Ben Selvin, Gus Arnheim, Earl Burnett, Henry Halstead, Jean Goldkette, Ben Pollack, Rudy Vallee, Roger Wolfe Kahn, Glen Gray, James Last and Fred Waring.

Influences of this genre of music are seen in films and movies. However, initially it was radio through which jazz caught the attention of the market and spread like wild fire. Soon, jazz became like ballroom music. It started being played in the clubs. Through the radio, it was constantly gaining momentum every day in the 1930s and 1940s. During the ‘50s, jazz clubs started broadcasting the music on NBC’s Monitor directly from the clubs. In movies too, this genre of music can be seen. Sing Your Worries Away deserves mention as it is here that jazz was seriously considered.

Erik Seidel Biography

Erik Seidel is one of the only poker players in the world that has accomplished a lot at Everest Poker, but that doesn’t receive very much recognition. Erik has always been a very smart individual and good with numbers which is proved by the fact the worked as a stock broker. Before working as a stock broker Erik spent time playing the backgammon circuit for almost a decade in New York which is where he also grew up. Erik was born in New York and stayed there until well into his adult life.

After working as a stock broker Seidel decided to move to playing poker full-time and in his early days played at the Mayfair Club. Seidel started playing the tournament circuit in 1988 where he finished in second place at the WSOP Main Event which was quite the accomplishment. Erik won his first WSOP bracelet way back in 1992 when he won the $2.5K Limit Holdem event. He followed the first WSOP bracelet up with another two bracelets coming in 1993 and 1994.

After winning a bracelet in 1994 Seidel didn’t win his next bracelet for four years which is when he won the $5K Deuce to Seven Draw event in 1998. After winning the bracelet in 1998 Seidel has gone on to win a total of four more WSOP bracelets in his career thus far which brings his WSOP bracelet grand total too eight. Not many other poker players in the history of the game have ever accomplished the feat of winning eight WSOP bracelets and it puts Erik in a league with very few other players.

In 2007 which is the last year Erik won an UltimateBet.com WSOP bracelet he also finished in second place in the Aussie Millions $100K Event. In 2008 Seidel managed to win his first WPT title when he won the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic which earned him almost $1 million in prize money. His most recent tournament success was in 2008 when he finished in second place at the Aussie Millions Main Event. He almost earned $1 million for his second place finish in the 2008 Aussie Millions Main Event and it was another nice payday for the veteran poker player.

Seidel has made almost $10 million from playing live poker tournaments over his career and finished in the money 55 times on the WSOP circuit which is quite remarkable. Erik is apart of Team Full Tilt which is the best poker pro team in the world and you can find him playing online poker on Full Tilt from time to time. Erik really enjoys playing tennis in his spare time so you can often find him playing tennis in the Las Vegas area as that is where he resides. He also loves listening to music whenever he possibly can and you’d be surprised how much music knowledge he actually knows.

Erik has always been talented with numbers and with executing strategies which is why he has done so well playing games such as backgammon and poker. Erik has more poker accomplishments then almost every other player in history and he will always be remembered by most poker fans as one of the best old school poker players.

Big Band Music – Tracing an Important Genre of Music

Big band music or jazz music, which is a popular form of music, acquired its importance after evolving for over some thirty years of musical development. Jazz is so much innovative and different than any other genre of music that when it was first introduced, it literally took the audiences of the world by storm. It changed the styles of music of different countries, made the heart race and the feet tap simultaneously. The reasons why people around the world are able to relate with this music so much is that it has ancient roots and originate from the people. Influences of African music can be seen in big band Jazz too.

Initially, African Americans were slaves in the western and European traditional cultures. As time was rolling, during the end of the American Civil War era, African Americans started to pursue careers in music and arts as they took interest in other careers. Slavery went out of practice. With increased freedom, not only in the U.S., but in other countries where Africans were present, musicians created work that were strongly reminiscent of jazz as we know now.

In Europe, big band music started during the nineteenth century, when melody ruled. The music and rhythm structure and much of it was created along the lines of the square or waltz. At the same time, the idea of music in Africa was derived from the rhythms of nature and use of drums. The accent of the African people was also different. Hence, a relative shift of music was noted as music progressed with all these aspects taken together.

For instance from the conventional 1-2-3-4 structure of music, rhythms came to be overlaid with one another. This was done at different lengths. While a strong accent was felt in the rhythm of 1 in European music, the same accent extended over to 2, in case of the African. It was in the 1920s that African-America jazz developed. A strong accent developed in the rhythms at the ‘2’ and ‘4’ structures.

Ragtime is another popular diversion of this music in the United States. It is also a synthesis of the African and European rhythm sensibilities. Ragtime developed in the 19th century. The Jazz the accent is off in this type of music. Frequently ragtime musicians use harmonies and notes called ‘blue’. ‘Blue’ never really fitted with the European musical harmonies. Instead it was used between the notes or in the ‘cracks’ as people often said. Jazz was able to surpass even ragtime but influences of ragtime are evident in Jazz.

According to most historians, the origin of jazz can be traced back to New Orleans during 1898 at the end of the Spanish-American conflict. As musical bands of the military were decommissioned, the instruments that they used in their music started flooding the markets of ordinary music. It was the African American bands that could specially relate with the sort of instruments used. Slowly, people taught themselves to play these instruments. Hence, they became conventional from being unconventional as audiences could relate with the new sounds, interesting vocabularies and the trumpets and trombones.

Top Four Reasons Why Poker Machines Are So Popular

Poker machines have a long history and over the long history poker machines have become more and more popular amongst certain types of casino players. You will be able to play poker machines in a variety of locations including, but not limited to land based casinos and online casinos. I have found that the online casinos have a lot better selection of poker machines then any land based casino. The reason is because it’s a lot simpler creating new themes for poker machines on the computer then it is on an actual machine.

There are several reasons why machines are so popular with certain crowds of people today and we’re going to look at those reasons now. If you’re wondering if you would like or dislike poker machines then the below bullet points should help you garner an opinion.

* Online Poker Rockets are really easy to play and all you will need to be able to do is click a button in order to spin the reels. If you have a winning spin then you will be paid and if you didn’t then you won’t be paid any credits. There is no strategy that is going to help you win more when playing poker machines because they all use random number generators and every spin is completely random.

* Since you don’t need to have any skills in order to play poker machines you can sit down and relax while enjoying some entertainment. In land based casinos you will also find that players on skill games will become upset with players who don’t know how to play. When you play poker you don’t need to worry about anyone else bothering you or making comments about the way you play the game.

* Poker range from 1 cent per spin to over $50 per spin in casinos so anyone will be able to enjoy playing poker no matter what their bankroll is. If you only have $20 in your account then you will be best off playing penny poker as they will make your money stretch. If you prefer playing with lots of money on the line then you can play highroller poker in most casinos that only take bills. These poker aren’t for most since you can spin a poker machine at least 20 times a minute which at $20+ a spin would add up quickly.

* Over the years both online casinos and land based casinos such as the Mirage in Las Vegas, have introduced progressive jackpots which can sometimes reach into the millions. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is connected to a group machines and goes up every spin until someone wins it. It could go months with noone winning the jackpot and this is why it can easily reach the seven figures. The thrill of spending $20 to play for a chance to win millions is enough to attract a lot of players to poker machines.

Most casinos like the Venetian will also offer their poker players free meals, free rooms and many other free rewards for playing, especially if you’re a regular player. There are lots of benefits for playing poker over the skill games in the casino and we’ve just begun to touch the tip of the iceberg with the above reasons.

Freeroll poker tournaments

Freeroll poker tournaments allow players to participate without having to pay any entry fee. Such tournaments offer real cash to the winning players and as such, they should not be confused to the play money tournaments, for which the participation is also free, but there’s no prize to be won.

Many of these tournaments have thousands of players and they tend to be always full. What attracts so many players is the appeal of being able to win something without risking anything.

As all the other types of online poker tournaments, the freeroll require skill, experience and a lot of patience.

In order to win, you need to remain in the game. This survival requirement makes things a bit different from regular single-game poker. You need to adopt a different strategy for tournaments: never risk when you don’t need to. Bluffing, especially during the early parts of the game, might not prove to be an efficient strategy as the other players will often call everything you bet.

Use all-in sparingly, just in the case you are absolutely sure that you are going to win. If you lose all your money, you are out of the tournament and you can’t go back, there are no second chances.

Tournaments such as WSOP satellites usually take as much as four hours, and although there is a break every hour, you need to be prepared to stay focused for a long time. Because they take so long and the players don’t pay an entry fee, many players tend to relax and not focus that much after a while. If you manage to stay focused during the whole tournament, you’ll have an edge against many players.

Most players are relatively easy to beat if you stay concentrated throughout the tournament, you don’t risk unnecessarily and you play only your good hands. However, defeating the rest of the players is up to you.

Because the prizes tend to be around just a few hundred dollars on PokerStars.it, the best players seldom play in them, such players going for the paid tournaments which have far higher prizes. Nevertheless, among the many players who do participate, you’ll find not only beginners, but also some players who you might find to be worthy opponents.

As a conclusion, freeroll poker tournaments are a great way of spending some time in an afternoon or evening, to help you improve your poker skill and even win some money, all this, without risking any of your own money. Freeroll tournaments are great at helping you get used to poker tournaments with big prizes, some of which reach up to six figures.

Poker: Time to get off the tourney train?

Playing a tournament can be incredibly sexy for a poker player, especially a new one. You’ve no doubt watched the professionals cut up the competition on televisions, you’ve tried your hand at some $10 buy-in tournaments in local basement games, and now you want to take the next step and be a regular in the online or casino tournament game. As I always do, I wish you the best of luck, and just you know the benefits and detriments to focusing on tournaments over cash games.

First, what do you expect from a tournament? You’re going to see more pre-flop all-ins than cash games. You’ll see people racing to get ahead, fighting against the blinds. These should all be expected before you even get started. There are claims that tourney style favor the lucky, and they throw all their weight behind that one A, A pre-flop gem. This holds some water, but in reality the same can be said for any type of poker game. Luck is consistently going to be part of the joy and frustration of poker.

Also, expect to need a larger bankroll if you’re playing tournaments. It’s just a fact. And expect to play multiple times, with multiple new buy-ins, before taking in any cash. A tournament can be all-or-nothing, whereas cash games are, by design, hand to hand.

Volume is also a variable. Some of these online tournaments can include up to or more than 1,000 people. That’s a lot to contend with when you’re trying to get a return. Cash games, of course, probably offer a lower return vs. the time you put in, but the payoff potential is much more frequent. It’s all about what type of game you want.

Cash games can be slower than tournaments as far as actual playing goes. You have a better opportunity to watch and read someone who sticks at your table. The process is a bit more methodical. Every hand counts in real money. Tournaments are a bit faster. As mentioned, it’s more of a race. You might not be able to try that check-raise the way you would in a cash game.

Adjustments in Short Handed No Limit Cash Games

Stealing the blinds uncontested in no limit texas hold em cash games is typically not among the most important weapons to employ. This changes significantly as the cash table becomes short handed. In a short-handed game, each poker player posts blinds far more often. The cost of the blinds becomes far more a factor in short handed games than they are in full table poker games. A smart poker player must adjust to offset this added cost of playing poker.

Stealing Blinds from Earlier Position

Normally in full ring games on www.PokerStar.com, if play folds to the button or cutoff position, most late position players open with a raise intending to steal the blinds uncontested. In short handed poker games, however, a steal attempt should be made starting from middle position. By starting your steal attempts from an earlier position than normal, you will pick up an average of one blind every few orbits.

Widen Hand Range

As the poker table shortens, your starting hand range, as well as the range of hands you will raise with should widen. Failing to widen your natural hand range will result in too tight a posture for such a fast moving table. This results in playing too few hands and a significant loss to the chip stack in the form of blinds paid.

Re-steal from the Small and Big Blinds

Another great way to steal blinds in short handed games is by utilizing the re-steal from the small and big blinds. In this case, the best offense is a strong defense. When a player is clearly on a steal move for your blinds, often reraising in defense of your blinds will cause the thieving player to fold. Not only will you retain your own blinds, but you will also capture his raise.

In addition, another benefit of implementing an aggressive blind defense initiative on PokerStar is that over time players will note that you care about your blinds and will defend them with your entire mite. This will discourage players from acting on your blinds, often resulting in a walk for you when in the big blind.

By loosening up, playing more aggressive, and focusing on stealing blinds, one can turn a handsome profit playing short-handed poker games.

PKR Poker

PKR Poker is the next generation of online poker which I’m sure is going to take off as more people learn about what that poker room has too offer. PKR Poker has many features in there poker room that no other online poker room can offer there players. We’re going to look at some of the great features PKR Poker has to offer in this article as well as why it’s been growing at a great pace.

The first thing about PKR Poker that stands out is that the internet poker room is completely 3D and it’s more realistic than any other poker room. The poker rooms you play in differ based on the stakes you’re playing at and the higher the stakes you play the more luxurious the setting will be when you play. You also get to create your own 3D character to represent yourself at the table and the robust features allow you to change just about everything on a person.

You will need to buy your clothing and special items like tricks with that you earn while playing in the poker room. When you first sign-up to PokerStars.com you’ll have some points already credited to your account which you can use to buy some clothing. You’ll need to wait for the expensive items and tricks until you sit down at the poker table and earn some points.

When you sit down in one of the poker rooms you’ll notice a row of buttons at the bottom of your screen. These buttons allow you to choose from a wide list of emotions to use. You simply click on an emotion you want to use and then your character will perform that emotion in front of the rest of the table. There are tons of great emotions such as nice hand, smile, laugh, angry, mad and tons of other great ones. The last slot on the row of buttons is for your tricks and you can view all your tricks in this area. Some of the tricks you can use are chip stacking and a few others.

The software even though packed with some amazing features still runs very quickly and my experience with them so far has been incredible. If you haven’t opened up an account at PKR Poker then now is the time to do so because the poker room is growing nicely. They already have a few thousand players on at most hours of the day and it’s been getting larger every month lately. When you join PKR Poker you’ll also be able to take advantage of there 100% match bonus up to $2000. This is one of the biggest bonuses in the industry right now and if you’re someone who deposits a large amount of money at once to a poker room you’ll be able to double your money at PKR easily if you have some poker skills. Unlike a site like Full Tilt Poker, a lot of the players use PKR Poker just for the graphics so there are lots of young people and women who play here who are usually loose and weak players. Take advantage of this and play tight poker until you have some hands where you’ll be able to double up on.

Rake back Offers by Playing Style

You have taken the right step by getting rake back. Every online poker player who plays poker on a somewhat regular basis should be signed up with rakeback. While a great first step, understanding how rakeback works, as well as how rakeback is calculated is of paramount importance when selecting a rakeback program. In fact, with a basic understanding of how rakeback is calculated, you will be better able to select the ideal rakeback program based on your playing style.

Types of Rakeback

Rakeback varies mostly in how it is calculated by the online poker rooms. The main methods of rakeback calculation are the Dealt Method and the Contributed Method. While the actual rakeback calculation varies from poker room to poker room, the methodology of rakeback calculation is pretty much the same.

Dealt Method of Rake back Calculation

The dealt method of rake back is calculated by dividing the total amount raked by the number of players who received cards. This means that every hand you have been dealt in will count towards your rake. If the final pot musters $4 in total rake and ten players received cards, the amount of money credited towards your rake earned totals 40 cents (which is one tenth of the rake generated from the table).

The dealt method of rake is ideal for the tight poker player, most specifically the tight and passive poker player. Tight players see far fewer hands than their loose counterparts do do. As a result, the tight player will still be compensated through each hand and will still be able to maintain their preflop discipline in hand selection.

Contributed Method of Rakeback Calculation

The contributed method of FullTilt rakeback is calculated and awarded based on the players who have contributed to the pot (and rake) in the hand. This means that every player who has contributed to the pot (even the blind players who may or may not have folded) will share in the credit of the rake in the hand. For example, at a ten-handed table, four people including the blinds have put money into the pot. The rake hits the $4 mark and is shared among each of the four players.

This methodology of calculating rake favors the loose and more aggressive players, as they tend to see more flops and juice up the pots more actively. As a result, they will share in more rake more often under the contributed method of rakeback.

Your playing style can determine which type of rakeback program is right for you. By understanding how rakeback is calculated, you can better choose a rakeback program best suited for you.