5 Advanced Samsung DeX Tips on S10 / S9 / Note

I’ve been using samsung s10 for the past few weeks and I’ve been in love with the DeX feature. Dex basically provides a full desktop type experience. All you have to do is connect your s10 to a display device and if you have an external keyboard and mouse you it basically converts your S10 into a full-blown workstation. In this video I would like to share a few things that you can do with DeX the first step is that when you connect your display the sound when you play is something maybe a YouTube video or something the sound will actually come from the phone and not from the display device maybe it’s a TV or a monitor.

So the way that you would get the sound to come from the display is to go into the settings and there is go into the Samsung DeX settings and there is an option here called set default audio output.

Turn that on and then you would find that the audio comes from the device that you connected maybe it’s a TV or a monitor so that’s a simple one let’s get to the next so the next step is how do you do a screen capture on DeX so there is an app called mobizen which I’m using right now I’ll put the link below in the description the Mobizen is an app allows you to do a full screen capture of your desk or your phone depending on what mode you are using and you can do a screen capture and you can also do a face capture just as a picture in picture similar to what you are seeing on this video so the app is called mobizen and I found it to be a great app. If you’re into making vlogs or doing tutorials or things like that this would be a great software for you.

So Samsung has got a program called Linux on Dex basically allows you to run Linux as a full desktop environment on your Dex workstation plus you can also do some basic command line even if you don’t have Dex even on your phone you can still use some command line utilities so let me show you how it looks like so when you load the app you have an option to run a Linux container I’m guessing you can have multiple Linux containers I only have one right now is the Ubuntu one which is provided by Samsung officially I’m sure in the future you can have multiple containers with multiple Linux versions and so on so I’ve got this one opened or installed and downloaded and installed I’m going to run that so you see it’s it has been fairly fast so this build seems to have been specifically made for developers the apps that come pre-installed this like visuak studio code in which you can you know I have develop applications in pretty much any language JavaScript Python PHP and so on.

I haven’t used Visual Studio much personally I’m a VI user. The other software the other development tool that comes with is IntelliJ that’s like doing a hello world application it’s actually running something Hello world!

So the program did run it’s actually did compile the Java code here it’s a hello world Java code which comes straight as a template and it did it did run it so so you can actually do Java development in this and it comes straight out of the box. Other things that you get is a more or less a desktop like Chrome browser and Firefox browser which is a bit of an upgrade from the native browser that comes with S10 which is more like a mobile optimised version but this is this browser is more like a full or like proper desktop application.

Let me show you how Gmail looks like if you look at it the Gmail actually looks pretty pretty good and it looks almost like a full desktop kind of a feel versus if I show you just to do a comparison if I show you the Gmail application you see the web version is kind of limited when Linux now this is more advanced so obviously so this is this gives actually much better capability.y By the way if you find this video that you’ve seen so far useful I would really appreciate if you can click the like and subscribe button this will encourage me to make more such videos Next tip I wanna show you is how to enable developer mode for text the reason that you need to turn on developer mode is some of the apps for example this prime video app would not play would not open in Dex there’s another app that I use it’s called me fit it wouldn’t work so Instagram you know you cannot resize some some apps in settings they provide an option in samsung deck slabs to force apps to resize I’ve turned it on but even then some of the apps will still not allow you to resize even the maximize you know it doesn’t really have the full effect you know so if you turn on the developer mode it actually will let you maximize resize and also some of the apps that typically don’t run will actually run so the way that you do is go into settings Samsung Dex -> about Samsung DeX okay see on the Samsung DeX area you need to click about five times pretty fast there you so once you’ve done that you’ll have to actually restart Dex so let me restart X and I’ll come back okay so I’ve restarted Dex so now you can see Prime video works I can resize it me if it works Instagram I can resize instagram and so on so there you go I can actually now watch YouTube, Prime video, Netflix and read my kindle and do whatsapp at the same time. I feel very productive!

! How to use your Windows machine from your DeX workstation so you may have a Windows machines maybe it’s at home or it’s at work and you can just carry around Dex station and then get a remote access to your Windows machine and use it similar to how we’ll use a Windows machine so you need an application called TeamViewer you need it installed both on your desktop and Windows desktop and also an app on your Android phone.

To control your Windows machine from the DeX workstation you can install an application called TeamViewer in your Windows PC so go to TeamViewer calm and download the software for free once you’ve downloaded it you can then see when you run the application you can see your ID here and you may have to also give a password while you install it this is the ID and password that you will then use to connect from a remote machine so here I’m going to show you that I’m going to connect my Windows machines and I have a partner ID and I’ve got a partner ID which I took a picture of when I can’t figure out my PC yesterday so I’m going to type that in under the password that you are provided when you said the the team will your application in your PC there you go so you have access to your Windows desktop you can pretty much use your Windows desktop from your Samsung DeX and it gives you a full-screen mode it’s very comfortable to work with from anywhere I’m going to try running Adobe Premiere Pro it’s it’s pretty the performance is good so there you have it.

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