Black Shark 4 Review & Unboxing (Full In-Depth Review)

So could this quite possibly be the best gamingphone you can get for the price? It’S the blackshark 4, with some very good specs on offerhere, some blazing fast, crazy charging, speedsso just 20 minutes with 120 watt charging for a4 500 milliamp hour battery is really impressivethis. Is all powered this phone by the snapdragon870?.

Now it has a 48 megapixel camera main cameraon, the back 8 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixelmacro and also a 20 megapixel front facing cameraand. My time testing it out. This phone is reallyimpressive in terms of its gaming performancebut. It also has these hardware pop-out triggerswhich, do add another level to your gameplayespecially, with titles like pubg, which i’llbe testing out in this in-depth review, quicklook first of what we get inside the box, so we getsome black shark stickers, and there is a case thatthey include this – Is a hard case and it doesn’toffer a lot of protection, just the corners reallyand, the back of it, because it’s all open herenow, that is, for the side fingerprint reader butalso for the gaming triggers there is like awarranty card thing and whatnot, but that is inchinese, and Here is our cable, so this is athicker gauge cable, this one because it isa 120 watt charging which they claim should fullycharge the phone, the 4 500 milliamp hour

batteryin just 17 minutes, but in my testing it’s 20minutes, which is still excellent and there’sthe charger. This one has the two-prong, uh chineseor us style with this, but it’s great to have sucha powerful charger and just an insane chargingtime of 20 minutes is amazing. Build quality ofthis one is quite good. It is a heavy phone though211 grams and it’s 11 millimeters thick. So rightthere we have the sim tray, which takes two nanosims. No micro sd card support unfortunatelytwo antenna lines. Here we have the volume up anddown button and it’s all middle, the frame aroundthe outside along the bottom. Here we have a type cport 3.5 millimeter headphone jack quality out. Ofthis is very good and yes, this type c port doessupport video out all it does – is just clone thedisplay. But it’s great to have on a gaming phonei think a lot of people will end up using thismicrophone loudspeaker here, another antenna lineand, we have the triggers, so these triggers herejust flick the switch and they pop right up theyhave about a millimeter of travel to them and Theydo feel very good more on them later on when iget onto the gaming portion of this review. Butthey are great to have these hardware triggersso much better than the typical capacitive touchso. This fingerprint reader here is capacitivealways on doubles as our power button. Tooand i’ll just demonstrate that tapping that thatit unlocks really quick and for me this has beena 10 out of 10 fingerprint reader. It just works sowell every single time and unlocks really quick sohere. We have the earpiece at the top and a ringaround the front facing 20 megapixel camera sadlyi. Don’T like this trend really wish. They wouldstop that and you can see that our bezels they’renot too bad with this, and there is a little bitof a chin. As you can see right there, so overallbuild quality is good and you’ll see that we’vegot the logo there. On the back with the s andif, you move it around a little bit that itdoes reflect a little bit the pattern therenow a very nice screen in this one. 6.67 inchesfull, hd plus, and the refresh rate is up to 144hertz for some reason. It’S saying 120 here nowbrightness i have measured up to 800 nits butit can do a peak of 1300 nets, so it’s very verybright and it’s just super responsive all in alla excellent display. Here and it’s flat of courseno curvature to it, which is really what i do liketo see with these screens, so just quickly show youhere just a few little test images that it is anexcellent display and the blacks right there eventhough it just stated: green colors, that’s blacksvery! Very deep and then the whites here, areuniformed you’re not going to see any dark patchesaround the cutout or around the edges. Becauseit is a super amoled screen here that they’vegone with so in the settings for the display. Wedo have a lot of options. You’Ve got the ultimaterefresh rate, which is the 144 hertz or 90 whichis a good blend of battery life and smoothnessi would probably actually use that one myself 60if. You want to save on your battery life of courseand great that we do have this anti-flicker modeso dc dimming, that is there. It works on all ofthe refresh rates, so not just limited to say 60hertz, which it was with some phones in the pastfrom xiaomi. It isn’t here dark mode, you’ve, gotyour reading mode and everything like that. As youexpect and your color scheme

you can adjust thewhite balance the color saturation. It is all thereso. This phone runs joy, ui 12.5, which is basicallyme ui 12.5. It’S just skin slightly differentfor, the black shark phones, android 11, i’m on thelatest firmware. There have been quite a few littletiny updates that have been coming through nowperformance wise everything is super, quick, onthis, very, very smooth and fluid 144 frames. Persecond, the ui task manager kills things offa little bit. I haven’t had any problems, withthe signals, quality strength and placing callsanything like that has been actually reallygood, i’m currently on 5g, and that does seemto be working quite well. So very good, performancewise gestures, all just work so well and really nocomplaints there, no microstat, the only thingi have seen is a bit of what i would callunoptimized battery drain. That’S happening with itin 5g mode. You lose about 10 overnight of standbydrain and i hope that they can tighten down onthat black shark and improve upon that so here’sthe battery life. This is my typical test. I dodisplays calibrated to 200 minutes of brightnessand.

It ran from 100 down to 20 7 hours and 51minutes at 144 hertz. So it takes a huge toll. Onthe batteries so you’re only looking at about sixfive to six hours of screen on time, realisticallywith the 144 hertz option and then, if you set itto 90 hertz, which i did here just to test out onthe battery life, that then becomes about seven toeight hours of on-screen Time so a lot better ithat’s why i would run 90 hertz myself personallywith this one, and here you can see the chargetime so just ignore this 45 percent. This doesn’tactually report and work with the fast chargingokay fast charging completely throws it off. Soit thinks the battery has only got a capacity of2 000 milliamp hours, which is completelyincorrect here so really quick, two percent to 100in a blazing crazy, fast, 20 minutes, the phone doesget quite warm as a result. It gets up to about 45degrees, and the charger does also get about upto 48 degrees, so it does get a little warm therethe. Internal storage is very, very quick here. Sowe have ufs 3

1 storage, 128 gigabytes that i havewith this model here, excellent random reads: andwrites, i’m going to zoom in there, for you, youcan see that that is not going to be holding upthis phone at all and that’s another reason. Whyeverything just feels so quick on this particularmodel. So there is our antutu score. Really goodthis is antutu version 8.5. I haven’t got thelatest version 9 because i have some validationerror when i try to use it and the scores alsoseem quite a bit higher around 600 000. Well that’sthat one. So that’s why i use this. So reallygood score: you can see gpu performance, therevery, very good. There. Wireless speeds areexcellent so up to almost 1 000 megabitsper. Second, but it’s 900 or so it will cap outon my wi-fi uh 5 network. Sorry, wi-fi 6, this isand, it’s really good, so wi-fi 6 support and goodstrength good range reception same with 5g and 4gnot a problem. Gps works well with a very goodaverage signal. Strength here of 35 in the greenit will see a lot of satellites even thoughhere. At the time it was only locked onto eightaccuracy will not be any better than three meterscamera. Two api support is the maximum level threeso look for gcam ports, if you did want them, ofcourse and sadly, a security level.

Three herefor this one, even though the firmware updates havebeen coming through none of them have patched andcorrected this. So i do hope we get a securitylevel one later on, so you can actually look atnetflix and amazon prime video and things in fullhd, not just standard definition, which looks quiteblurry and not exactly great to me, so they dohave the game lobby, which is their shark spaceand. That’S a separate app, which is really a gaminghub. That’S what it is. It simplifies things you canhave all your games in one place, custom, optionsand settings and everything like that. You can gothrough so do not disturb modes. All of that youcan record. The gaming footage. There’S a lot onoffer here that we do see now with a lot also ofother gaming phones. They have the similar featuresthere you’ve got your manual recordings. You canstart doing that screen capturing what you’redoing recording that and there are configurationsettings there too, for using the triggers whichi’ll get onto soon. So you can see your games arein here and you can select them just through thisand. It does a bit of a performance optimizationwhen. You launch them what it does is just clearout anything in the background. The memory and thatwill help in theory boost the performance, so i’lltake a look now and some pubg gaming on this andjust how it performs, if you set it to the smoothgraphics option. Here you get 90 frames per secondwhich. I think most players will probably do thisso. The above settings then just brings downthat frame rate to the extreme.

which is i thinkextreme. What’S that 60 frames per second andyou do have the uhd? Well, you can download theultra hd textures, but because i want to run smooththere, i want the 90 frames per second, i’m going toplay the game on that to configure the triggersall you need to do is then swipe once you’re ina game. You can swipe there from the sides. Andyou get the gaming menu here. You can see 90frames per second and normally it’s a solid 90frames per second, the whole time with this oneand there’s different options that you can set upmacros you’ve got your different blocking therefor. You do not disturbs you even got an anti-misstouch, so try to get rid of the accidental touchesgame config, and it’s this one right here. Whereyou can move around and configure the triggersso. You’Ve got the a and the b triggers and yousimply move them to where you want. So if i want bto be fire and then the other one to look downthe scope, then you simply just have to move themto that place there. So this performance is greatit is really really good. It’S just a constant 90frames per second. We do have the snapdragon 870and, that is a very powerful processor and it’salmost, just as good as the snapdragon triple eightpretty much and when the triple eight starts toget a little hot you’ll find that it will probablybe about the same level of performance as this onewhoa whoa Whoa see how much easier that was withthe triggers. That was an actual plan, not a botthere, so very easy just to tap the trigger toaim and i do find it. It’S so much quicker, andjust, easier than touch and my reaction times arequite poor now. But that was pretty good for me: soyou simply just tap there to look down the sideand fire and that’s why the triggers they arereally really good here so performance i’ll justtake. Another look at that 90 frames per secondit only varies by just a few frames per secondall. The time every time i’ve been checking itit’s always been at the solid 90 there so greatperformance, especially for pubg gamers out therecall of duty, all those kind of titles i thinkreally do suit the triggers the trigger set upand. The fact that you can just aim and fireso quick, that’s what i would have it saidto, but you can set it to whatever you wanton any game. You could be something else. Andi’Ll check out now, jen shin impact. I willplay that one and we’ll see how it performsso performance of this one is surprisingly goodbecause. I have set it to the maximum settings. Sothat is highest and 60 frames per second, so wheni swipe. Here you see 60

Now it’s not a constantcontinual 60 frames per second, i have noticed. Thatthere are a few frame dips now and then dependingon. What’S going on, you’ve got a few enemiesand attacks. Now the triggers at the top youcan configure them. Of course it saves it per gameso. What i’ve done is set one here to be my spelland, the other one on the left that is myattack and that seems to work all rightnow. You could set it to whatever you want. Sowhat, it’s doing is just emulating one of thetouch controls here. Okay, i could set it to jump icould set it to swap over to different characterswhatever. You want to do so. That is great. Thatwe’Ve got that level of customization there withthe triggers, and it’s more for your, i think, yourfps game. So your first person tuners like call ofduty and pub g – i think those triggers are reallysuited for that. But it’s still handy with this onelet’s just look around here. There’S a lot torender and this is on the highest settingsand. It is doing a really really good job here, andjust so smooth. I can’t believe how smooth this isreally good so have a look again and yeah. It seemsto just be a constant 60 frames per second withthis and considering how demanding this gameis, that’s really good to see. So what i will donow is game for one hour: gen shin impact and i’llreport back on just how hot is the phone going? Toget, okay, so let’s have a look at the temperaturesthe. Good news is that it hasn’t had any problemswith the screen dimming, but the bad news iswell it’s up to 51 degrees, almost 52 i thinkit touched on, which is that’s getting way too hotand. Looking at the back here where the chipset isthat’s 52 degrees as well – and this is afterone hour of jen chen impact at the maximumsetting – so i would run it on lower settingsto, stop the phone from getting so hot, so thetwo loudspeakers on this one are quite immersivethey’re Loud they have a hint of bass, and the 3.5millimeter out does sound very good to my earsit’s clean, it’s loud and really no complaintsit also has a sample at 100 volume. Oh and the coolquality 2 is very good with this phone. No problems over to our cameras. Now so, with this front facing camera we can only shoot 1080p and it does nothave any electronic image stabilization as youcan see so it looks sharp the quality is good320 kilobits per second audio, but as i walk, aheadit shakes around all over the place, so reallythey do need To add the electronic imagestabilization, i hope, with a firmware updatethat black shark can do this here. We arewith a 4k video on the rear 48 megapixelcamera with an f 1.8 aperture, as you can.

Seethere is no electronic image stabilizationsadly now they could have certainly add this ina future firmware update, but perhaps they don’tbecause they don’t want. The video quality hereto compete with some of their other phonesor, simply because they just think that gamersdon’t need electronic image stabilization with 4kfootage. But the good news is that, if youshoot in 1080p by 30 frames per secondand 60, which this is, it is at the moment, wehave electronic image stabilization that doeswork relatively good setting out the imageof course and just jogging ahead. A little bityou can see that it does. A reasonably good job, butremember that this 48 megapixel sensor does nothave any optical image stabilization with it atall one thing to point out too that the bit ratewith this one here with both 1080p 60and 30 is exactly the same. Even though60 frames per second is capturingdouble. The amount of information so for the price that this sells, for which isaround about 350 or under 400 euros, i think itis, really good and probably one of the best gamingphones at the moment. Those hardware triggers theyaren’t really a gimmick at all. They do add. Toyour game play, and it’s so much quicker as youprobably saw there with my reaction, speed whichis, not really that great, i was still able to aimand, then fire in pub g there, so quick thanksto, those triggers there and with other titlesyou can certainly still use them to Assignwhatever on-screen control to those two hardwaretriggers, which is great, so the performance eventhough the phone does get. Yes, it does get too hotreally playing a game like gen shin impact, it gotup to 52 degrees, which is quite uncomfortable themiddle frame around the outside. When i was holdingit, then yeah, this is getting really really hotit didn’t show any sign of throttling at all. Thescreen did not dim down it didn’t screen throttleas, i call it and it maintained a 60 frames. Persecond solid, the whole time. Well, it may havedipped down just occasionally there but reallyimpressive performance out of the snapdragon 870and. Then, of course, the charging speed on thisphone is just crazy, crazy, fast, very, very goodand. It has a solid, build quality and a really goodscreen. It’S super bright, very responsive and thatimpressive. 144 hertz, so the areas of improvementdefinitely with software updates hopefullywe’re going to see how to xiaomi isthat they can fix the cameras on thisfor video performance. So at the time of thisvideo there is no electronic image. Stabilizationon the rear cameras on the front, camera and theyreally do need to add that i think it’s just beingoverlooked and i do hope that a firmware updatewould add the electronic image stabilizationsupport. The other is the widevine level theresearch. So that means we’re not going to havenetflix in full hd. Sadly, it is going to just bein standard definition until they can correct thatwhich. I believe this will definitely come later. Onin a firmware update, so really the only bad thingfor me is that it does get very, very hot, with themost demanding games so for a game like gen shinimpact. If i’m going to play for an hour or twohours, i would definitely lower the settings. Downnot run it on the highest visuals, even though itcan do it or i might, it might actually lower theframe rate from 60 down to 30 just to stop itfrom getting hot. If you do that, then it’s onlyabout 45 degrees is what it will get up to sothank. You so much for watching my review, hereof, probably the best gaming phone so far, thati’ve reviewed for the price, the black shark, 4


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