Hidden Tips, Tricks & Features of Xiaomi Mi4 & MIUI 6 You Probably Didnot Know

Hey, what’s up guys, we have the brand new CEO Mimi 4 with us today. That’S gon na be selling on flipkart.com starting February 10th here in India, and I’m going to give you some quick tips and tricks or hidden features that you probably did not know about this device now. I know that some of this some of you might already be knowing, but then even if you can learn one or two new trick, then this video, hopefully would prove helpful. So, let’s get started.

The me 4 comes with me: uy6 out-of-the-box and with me, UI comes many our improvement, but me UI mainly stresses on the use of gestures, other things, for example, you might already be knowing that you’re not dragging from the right we’ll bring the camera. So that’s not really a trick otic, but one good thing is that at times when you suddenly need to find something in the dark – and you want your LED lights to on and you’re in such how you cannot go inside the app and widgets and everything just Press this HOME key and hold – and you see that LED light is all no I see now if you leave it, it’s going to switch off after two seconds, but if you hold it, then it’s going to be on till you hold the home button out here Now there is a catcher. Now are the moment it yeah now see it slips the moment it slips now. If you leave it’s going to stay on till you press the power key, but if you press and hold this it switch on before the phone goes in sleep. If you leave it, let’s say I’ll: just leave it on the screen them things.

Yeah see. Now it’s now it goes off because I left pressing the home screen before the home button before the screen goes to sleep. So that’s one cat, just one thing: you have to really take care of now. Once you in the home screen, you can swipe in, of course, to bring out the menu here, because me you me you I six actually did away with on the menu button like the KitKat did, and it more likely not pressing. This would actually bring a recent app a menu but pinching in see it brings in the menu button here.

But then, if you’re pinching with three fingers, it straightaway brings in all the home screen where you can add home screen or you can make any home screen. Your primary home screen – or you can just go here – anything – can swipe them around and stuff. So two pins and three pins I’ll show you that pressing this will actually bring out a recent app menu and not the menu per se. But in the settings, when you go here, you go here, you can see buttons and then you can customize a whole lot of buttons around you. They see the reason now it is, I am to show menu.

That part is on now when they’re part is on that polygon bomb. Actually by default, you can switch it off on now when you long hold its gon na bring that same man. You know when it’s your long whole inside any app if they’re applicable, menu they’re, then from this button, when you long hall, you’ll see the menu. Also, this not you know so much of a hidden feature. Now the small icons.

If you want to see what are exactly inside those a finnegans you where you’re leaving those apps, for example, I’m on the home screen of the Play Store, I’m on the setting home screen. Basically, you see a bigger car like in a card base and then your Nikon bass still tricky, make it bigger and smaller, but that’s a quick nifty little trick. Now we come to the camera, and camera already must be knowing. If you know amigo, I that it’s all just over than the moment, you tried from the right you get the filters. Women get dragged from the left, basically right and left, depending on how you’re holding the phones.

If I’m holding the phone here like this, and it would be right or left otherwise, it would be up or down, but ah you know when in landscape mode, if you drag it from the top, basically yeah it changes to front camera see the trick is not To drag from the top, because you’re going to drag down the navigation so Drake down or up from anywhere to switch between the front and back app back camera. Now I’m going to show you a nice thing that I haven’t seen in many devices. Okay, whenever you tap it, of course you can lock the autofocus and that’s a usual feature, but suppose you have a subject. Let’S say this one, let’s say under track: the movement on this one is not moving, but let’s think so, and then I just press it with two fingers on the screen and it’s right to the track, but subject so now, wherever you bring it. If it’s moving, then actually it’s going to track the subject.

It has a very, very cool thing. You know specifically when you’re shooting, let’s say some kids or dogs moving around here and there. Then it’s really cool den. You see it’s pretty effective. Actually, here we are back to the home screen.


Now, for example, you have deleted some apps and rearranged some app, so ultimately you ended up with a home screen. There is all our apps, you know messed up around here. If you don’t like it this, but you do not want to drag each individual apps to its own place around you’re, not particular about where one app should be situated, then what you can simply do is bring up the menu by long-pressing this and then shake the Phone oops yeah and they see all the apps automatically gets aligned. Another very small trick is that suppose now you know that I have one unread item on my calendar 1500 item on my messaging there’s a hundred item on my gmail out here now, for example, I have it here. I and I want to see all the things all whatever, so I can simply double tap it and it actually takes me to the notification now, I’m not sure.

Why would you want to do that because you can simply I’m sorry simply. You can simply tap that tablet icon and go there, but that’s there. A neat little trick is on the call or actually now see. I have lots of recent calls here now, on the face of it, you do not get a an option to clear the whole call log or to clear you know, multiple calls multiple entries and stuff. You can just clear one entry there.

So there is a hidden thing now, for example, you go to any log and then there are too much edit and edit mode. If you go to edit, then you can only add or delete or whatever that particular call. But if you go to edit mode, you can simply select all and then delete, I’m just going to clear the whole call log. It’S it’s not very clear, but it’s there so guys. Those are some of the me UI 6 tips, mainly which comes out of the box on the mi6 or May 6, but I’m going to now show you some quick codes on the hardware.

For example, the first one is to test your heart of hardware testing. So there’s this, let me see the core. I always forget the 8. For then again hash star has star. I can check the whole phone.

You can check your version info, yeah and green meaning pass stuff, and then this your SIM card and then vibration simulation called s. Proximity sensor you can see if your proximity sensor is on this e0 and then five zero meaning it should be dot now and five, so the screen should wake up, not so good. You can also see light sensor, lots and lots of other tests. Next is some quick info so against our hash. Star has and then four six three six hash tag: esta for information battery information usage statistics.

Wi-Fi information see you know this one. So that’s one quick test that I always do the information. I’Ll information thing. I don’t use much, but the hardware test I always do so. Those are some of the me y6 and me for on kind of a tips and tricks and some of the feature that you probably did not know.

Thank you.

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