Mi MIX 4 Beast Flagship Phone

Lets open the box without talking much, And lets check out the interesting things Unboxing, It’s a big black box, its different & squarish, Weve, ordered it from China. Ok lets keep this

Ok right up front is the phone & its quite slim?

Well, look at it later. What else is there in the big box, Its a premium phone? I was expecting a different kind of case, Its an ok case. Id say its not all that great
Alright, this is the USB cable, (, USB Type C to Type C ) And finally theres an adapter, its all nicely packed OMG, Oh its a 120W fast charger And its big & heavy as well.
Alright lets keep everything aside & look at the phone

Build Quality, Its shiny, It is super-duper shiny.

It has a ceramic back, look at it, it’s very shiny. You do get fingerprint smudges, but its not much of a fingerprint magnet.
There must be some coating to avoid it, But, yes, you do get some fingerprints on the phone. This phone seriously feels good in the hand It has curved sides & its a little slippery in the hand as well. If you dont put on the case, then it might slip off from the hand
But it does give a premium phone feel And the design its ceramic at the back & Gorilla Glass Victus on the front are well merged.

It looks like a unibody design, Its very beautifully done To talk about its weight. It should be around 200-205g

Lets see Its 230g [ bloopers ], I think its 230g, because of the ceramic as it is heavier, But seriously its a little heavy ( 230g ). But it feels good in the hand & is slightly on the heavier side, But seriously its a little heavy (. 230G ), but it feels good in the hand & is slightly on the heavier side.
The case seems, ok, lets drop, it & see OMG its a premium phone, But well still do it And its a heavy phone.

But this case is not all that great [ Drop Test ], Oh the sound it made.
And it has Gorilla Glass Victus on the front, so nothing should happen, No its nothing, But they couldve, given a better case for sure Ports & Buttons, The 3.5mm jacks missing.
You get everything else, Theres an IR Blaster on the top

Lets check the sim card slot, whether it’s expandable or not. I dont think so.

No, its a dual nano sim card slot Its base variant comes with 128GB of storage & we have the 256GB variant here.
Weve seen it from the outside & now its time. To start the phone Im excited to see the display & see how bezelless it is, If you enjoy our unboxing & first impressions then do hit LIKE now Display. Oh look at that display friends. Yes, its truly bezelless And the Mi MIX series tradition & legacy can be clearly seen.

The bezels are absolutely slim & thin And theres, an under display camera on the front, so theres no notch, But Xiaomi doesnt call it UDC. They call it CUP ( Camera Under Panel ) and they’ve coined a new name.

But theres a CUP that cant be seen
Ts, a big 6.67 FHD AMOLED display with 120Hz fast refresh rate & 480Hz touch sampling rate. It has a HDR10 support, along with a Gorilla Glass Victus protection on the front, So it looks great from every angle as far as the display is concerned And its bright as well.

And Im going to show some photos via its CUP as well. This is the 3rd phone that weve tested in the last 15 days. So do wait & watch the camera sample photos. Let me tell you its a 3D curved display its not much, but it is a little curved

Specifications Its the 1st phone weve unboxed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon, 888 SoC
There are 4 variants of this phone 8GB 128GB ( base variant, ), 8GB, 256GB, 12GB, 256GB & 12GB, 512GB ( upper variant, ), The base variant price starts with 4,999 Yuan (, converted Rs 55-60K ). Remember the Mi 11 Ultra had launched in India.

So there are strong chances that the Mi MIX 4 will come too And also the Mi 11 Ultras. India price was equivalent to the Chinese pricing. So imagine if it launches for Rs 50K in India,

Itll definitely give a tough competition to the flagship, OnePlus 9 series & others. This is beautiful. It should come to India,

Its an absolutely good-looking smartphone, There are 3 colour variants, White, Grey & Black
All 3 come with ceramic backs, Its storage type is UFS, 3.

& RAM type is LPDDR5, Its AnTuTu score had to be run 2-3 times as it kept crashing in the middle. The scores near 8L
Its more than 7.9L And Ill tell you what it heated up while running the AnTuTu score.

So much that the AnTuTu score crashed Yes, the SD888 SoC gets very hot
And the ceramic back makes it feel even more hot Performance, Its absolutely top notch You can play games on the highest settings, youll enjoy it. The display is so good & gaming will be enjoyable But take care of thermals itll get hot.

After long gaming sessions.
Battery It has a big 4500mAh battery & with the 5Nm processor itll easily. Last through the day, It has a 120W fast charging adapter inside the box, And there are 2 different modes of charging.

If you use the Boost charging itll take only 15 minutes to charge the 4500mAh battery Normal charging will take about 21-22 minutes.
It has a 50W wireless charging support as well Camera.

Look at this camera module its big. It has a triple camera setup. The primary sensor is 108MP theres, a 13MP ultrawide sensor & an 8MP periscope sensor as well, And it can give you a 50X zoom
Yes, it has a 50X zoom Im showing you some photos, theyre good, But remember this is a Chinese variant, so post processing is based on their skin tones, So its ok but normal photos are good.

Lets talk about CUP ( Camera Under Panel )
Its a 20MP sensor & its the 3rd phone with an Under-Display Camera. We saw it on the Samsung Galaxy Z, Fold 3 ( 4MP ), then on the ZTE Axon 30 ( 16MP.

) & this is the 20MP sensor, And this is the best implementation of the Under-Display Camera yet Because even in the ZTE or the Z Fold 3, the camera is clearly visible. Not with this one.
The camera is not at all visible here.

Im showing some photos theyre hazy at first, just like the other phones And theres a lot of post-processing later Theres defogging as well, but the 20MP photos are ok. If you zoom in a little, then theres a painting-like effect.

But still its the best implementation of the Under-Display Camera, yet Multimedia, Oh Its a beautiful video viewing experience & there are stereo speakers that are tuned by Harman Kardon, So theyre loud with good quality & the overall multimedia viewing experience is absolutely top-notch without any problems.

There are other flagship features like all connectivity. Options are flagship level.
It has all sensors, including the IR Blaster NFC & In-Display fingerprint sensor. So everything is there, no problems at all OS UI, Its yours, mine & everyone’s favourite MIUI 12.

, But this is MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition
Its a Chinese variant, so I cant talk about the OS much, But its on Android 11 & MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition. Finally, what do I think about it? I love it.

I really loved the design & the display is even better

Its a beautiful phone & the Mi MIX 4 legacy is carried on by it. Thats good Now lets see when & at what price does it come in India? If that comes around Rs 50K itll be a great offering in that price range. Friends, if you have any questions related to this phone, then COMMENT below


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