OPPO X 2021 Rollable Phone Hands On & First Impressions | 125W Charger This Is The Future

The transition from a normal phone to tablet mode, it’s really nice, The main advantage of rollable display is its creaseless Means.

You won’t notice the crease on this smartphone. You just need to press a button & itll transform into a tablet. The back design also looks nice.

This is a concept smartphone, but itll be available soon in the near future. We might see rollable phones by the end of this year or early next year.


Oppo has tested this rollable mechanism for 1 Lakh times, which translates to around 2-3 years of usage & that seems good enough. The display here is a continuous variable, OLED display, which transforms from 6.67 to 7
4, when it is rolled, This feels absolutely sturdy. Some foldable devices feel a little fragile & flimsy

This is really built well, but it’s also little heavy. This has a 2 in 1 plate that is used for the rollable mechanism.

That provides the rigidity for this phone. Oppo calls this a Warp Track that rolls smoothly & beautifully The OS on the OPPO X, automatically adapts when the form factor of the screen is changed from phone to tablet mode & vice versa.
The rollable form factor comes very handy while watching YouTube videos as it stretches the screen, so you get the extra screen area Even in camera. You can use the rollable mechanism to get more details & this also helps in gaming, with its extra screen estate Brands like OPPO bring the latest innovations by which were able to experience devices like OPPO X & that seems really good, As this is a concept phone. It doesnt get a selfie camera 3.

mm jack, but there are a lot of things that are in the works In this video. I wanted to showcase this rollable mechanism & this was the aim of this video

The 125W OPPO charger is also fascinating. It charges from 0-40 % battery in just 5 min & 0-100 % battery in only 20 Mins. This also works as power delivery upto 65W. So you can easily charge your laptop as well.

The size of the charger is not that big for a 125W charger & that’s good, But there are some disadvantages as well.
Imagine if sand or dust particle goes into the rollable mechanism, so there are many things that are to be considered. The rollable mechanism may or may not work. If a sand particle goes into the rollable mechanism, So theres always a risk when a mechanical moving part is used on a phone. So did you find this rollable concept?

Amazing? Do let us know in the comments below, If you have any questions regarding OPPO X, do ask us in the comments
What will be the price of this OPPO rollable phone when it launches? Yes, not going to be cheap? That’S what Ill say! That’S it from this video Until Then Keep Trakin & Stay Safe.

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