Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

Hello, everyone for a long time already on the Internet, there were rumors that soon we should get the so-called monster of autonomy from the samsung company, and details about this gadget repeatedly surfaced on the network hinting to us that it was not long to wait for its Release, as you already understood, the name of this galaxy smartphone 52 5g. But when do we have to wait for this miracle? It is not long left to wait until the date of the official premiere became known. The debut should take place on September 28 at noon. The premiere will take place in india local time, and this date is confirmed by the official teaser of the company, which recently appeared on the network.

Oddly enough, the samsung company calls the galaxy 52 smartphone its thinnest and most evil monster of autonomy about the thickness. Everything is fine, but there are a lot of questions about the battery, because many fans and ordinary users were waiting for a completely different battery capacity, but at least seven thousand milliamperes an hour and we got everything 5000 monster, whether it is or not decide for yourself. It is worth noting that at the moment, the detailed characteristics of the model are known. The cost and renders of smartphones are the main features of the galaxy 52 smartphone. This is a fairly good processor from qualcomm, namely the snapdragon 778 excellent, infinite screen with a diagonal of 6 and 7 inches.

The main camera is 64 mega pixel android 11, as well as the presence of the nfc module and much more and now in more detail with you. The channel of everyone went to mind so the smartphone galaxy 52 5 also received a fairly good infinite screen on a diagonal of 6 and 7 inches. Thanks to this technology, gadget manufacturers can make completely frameless devices, including Among smartphones, with smooth bends around the edges. We got the same resolution as all competitors, namely full hd aspect ratios 29, 393, 5 frame rate 120, hertz, faster refresh time, also means less delay, because pixels are updated more often. The main advantage of this screen is, of course, technology performance, namely ps data e.
The cranes have high image quality and we also get the most natural color reproduction. The main feature of the technology is the realism of color reproduction, for this very reason until the screens are in great demand among professional photo and video editors. In addition, and without a matrix, it has a higher brightness and contrast of RAM. We received only 6 gigabytes, but its 128 gigabyte gadget received the EM standard. Emc version 5 go remind this standard laid the foundation for modern mobile media.

Flash memory based on emm 751 supports 4k push data transfer rates and provide high capacity. Media well, and pride of samsung is, of course, 3 module per main camera main sensor. Protrude 64 human megapixels carbon lens with an aperture of f, 18, 26 mm and auxiliary sensors, is an ultra-wide-angle lens with an aperture of f 22 by 8 megapixels for shooting macro resolution of 5 megapixels with an aperture of f 24. The smartphone can shoot video in a resolution of 4k 30 frames per second and 1080p 30 frames. In second, the front camera has a resolution of thirty-two megapixels f25, which can shoot video in 1080p 30 frames per second, but the heart of the samsung galaxy m52 smartphone is a powerful, energy-efficient processor from qualcomm, namely the dragon 778 chip is designed for use in advanced Mid-Range smartphones with NS Mobile communication support 5 generations.

Processor is manufactured using 6 nanometer technology. The processor consists of eight cryo 670 cores with a clock frequency of 2 and 4 gigahertz adreno 642 l accelerator is responsible for graphics processing, with support for volcano 11 about angel 373 and one up on 720 hd, 10 and hdr 10 plus in the arsenal chip Adapters for wireless communication, wi-fi and bluetooth 5 2, as well as nfc controller. It is possible to use fingerprint scanners shelf 3d sonic 3d sonic max smartphone received a battery with a capacity of 5000 milliamperes an hour support for fast charging power of the 15th in half an hour charging 15 charged the battery was 26 percent after 45. Minutes was 49 percent. After an hour 60, the gadget is charged using the usb port 7 samsung galaxy 52 smartphone out of the box, runs on the android 11 operating system, one yuan, proprietary, shell, 31.


Shell brings a new interface with redesigned icons and animations. Improved performance and increased security, module n available fc, colors, 3 white, black and blue body thickness is 7 and 4 millimeters weight 175 grams that we are a smartphone in the specified configuration four hundred and thirty-five dollars. Well, what guys will initially tell you one very interesting feature of this smartphone is, of course, the thickness is almost 7 and 5 millimeters. This is a very thin smartphone. This is really cool, but when the samsung company calls this smartphone a monster of autonomy, in my opinion, this is a very big exaggeration and I dont know what the matter is.

Of course, if we compare the thickness of the smartphone and the battery, all this in general gives us really good autonomy, but you must understand that there are smartphones that have a rechargeable battery of 10,000 milliamperes an hour twenty thousand milliamperes an hour. There are really monsters of autonomy, and here we see 5,000. As you know, a lot of people were waiting in this smartphone for a large battery capacity, but we got only five thousand milliampere hour. She write in In general. It is normal in the comments to call a smartphone, a monster of autonomy with a 5000 milliampere battery per hour.

In my opinion, now all smartphones, even budget ones, have about plus or minus such a battery, but I don’t see anything special here. Of course, you must understand that the ergon 778 stand is really a very, very good processor for 2021, which can provide us with quite good indicators in productive games. That is, the smartphone will really not slow down anything and oh without a screen. Oddly enough, this smartphone will receive, which is a big plus. Well, at least there are such assumptions for 6 and 7 inches, because samsung and the office seem to me to be two things that are incompatible.


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