Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen Features (Tips & Tricks!)

Tech squad Andru Edwards here And, as I mentioned today, we’re taking a look at the most unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy. Note lineup, That being this guy right here, the S pen.

Now I have to admit that as much as I love the Galaxy Note line as a whole and this Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra in particular, I’ve always been focused on the hardware power and rarely took the time to learn all the things that the S pen could Do aside from the typical writing and drawing

The thing is: Samsung’s S, pen isn’t just a writing tool. It also acts as a navigation device. Here, on my Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra as well. This year the SPN has an 80 % latency improvement on the Note 20 Ultra with a nine millisecond response time and a 40 % improvement on the standard. Note 20, when compared to the Galaxy Note 10 from 2019.

So, let’s get started with some of the things you can do with the S pen. One of the coolest things you can do with the S pen is take it out when your phone’s display is off and just start scribbling a note down.
No need to power the phone on unlock it and go into your notes. App Just start writing on the screen with your S, pen and your note will be saved. Another thing you can do is use the S pen for text input.

Now what I mean by that is, instead of typing on your keyboard, you tap the three dots on the keyboard to go into handwriting mode From there. You can write out everything that you want to type and it will be translated into typed text.
This works when writing in print or even in script or cursive or whatever. You want to call this type of writing. Aside from changing your written texts into typed text, the Samsung notes App also has the ability to change your drawn shapes into perfect shapes.

So your circles squares, triangles rectangles octagon and whatever else you decide to draw will also look perfect All right. Now, let’s talk about how your S pen can be used as less of a pen or pencil and more like a magic wand, starting with navigating the Android interface. So if you’re in an App, you can hold down the button on the S pen and swipe left right.
And then release to back

You can swipe right, left and release to see your most recently used Apps And you can swipe up down and released to go home To take a quick screenshot and you can do a zigzag motion. And then you can use the S pen to write on your screenshot before sharing it.

Or you can use smart select, which will let you do similar, but you can also extract and copy text directly from an image or even record gifts or draw out live messages right from your screen. You can also use the S pen to control the Galaxy. Note. 20’S, camera without having to touch the phone at all. I propped up my phone here to show you what I mean With the display off just press and hold down the button on the S.

Pen and you’ll, get taken right into the camera mode.

From there just click the button to snap photos,
If you need to switch between the front and rear cameras, double click, the S pen button instead Click and hold. If you want to take burst photos – and you can even click and swipe to go through the different camera modes, That’s not all, though, What about music? Let’S say you’re using your phone to listen to music or watch music videos or you’ve got to connect it to a Bluetooth speaker.
You can use your S pen to control your tunes press, the button once to play or pause or double click to advance to the next track, Swipe left to go back and track or right as another way to advance forward Once you’re settled in on what you Want to listen to swipe up to increase the volume and then down when you start getting noise complaints.

Now. Did you know that you could do all this stuff using the S pen If you’re gon na spend the money on the Samsung Galaxy Note, 20, or especially the Note 20 Ultra after taking a few minutes to learn some of the gestures? I can already see how you can get even more of your money’s worth for the purchase price.

But now I want to hear from you if you’re a Galaxy, Note user. How do you use your S pen?

How often do you use your S pen? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll meet you there for further discussion. Now I’ve got even more videos coming at you on the Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra in particular, And we’ve also been talking about it in depth on geared up
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