Samsung’s MASSIVE 85 Inch “Neo QLED” 8K TV

So damn big at 85 inches and the price tag is also so damn big. This TV beside me is retailing for $ 8,999 aka $ 9,000 aka, 4.5 million Naira. The Naira price is not confirmed yet thats the direct conversion because Ive not added import duties or anything so Ill display the correct pricing here.

In this articles I do my best to explain all of the features and share my experience using this magnificent piece of tech, I didnt find as many in-depth videos on this guy so do give this video a thumbs up.

So more people can discover some of the analysis were sharing and without further ado lets get to the video Overview Set up. The first thing that stands out to me with regards to the QN900A is that large size
Its big, and rightly so, Ive got the 85 inch version here, and it comes in 3, different sizes, 65 inches for 4,799 dollars, 75 inches for 5,999 and 85 inches this one right here for 8,999 dollars. If you want the direct Naira price conversion, just multiply each dollar amount by 500 Naira but Ill get the correct pricing and leave links in the description below. I played the PS5 a lot on this guy for science purposes. Of course, I did watch quite some Netflix.

4K HDR content. It does stand out quite nicely, But before we go into the main areas like display and everyday use of this TV lets talk about the build quality set up and design for a bit. The QN900A is massive, I feel like you, cant run out of words to quality. How big it is. The back has quite the story to tell which we will explain in a minute and as far as the side profile, it is so flat too, When it comes to the slimness of the TV youre right at 15.

mm, or wait for it. 1.54Cm. 1.
5 cm thats, like 2 of my Samsung S21, together Its so thin and delicate Its got perforated sides Going all through and around the TV which makes it so unique.

Looking The Back of the TV has four tweeters on either side, as we can see here, and you can see openings for sound output and, of course, vents.

You also get these four holes for your VESA mount. If you want to wall mount this guy Ive seen images of these being wall mounted, and they just look so good. There are also these horizontal four for another kind of mount that will hold it wide enough. I believe its called the Slim fit Wall Mount.

The Base of the TV is really really sturdy when you have attached it Its solid metal, Ports & I/O, Then the back of the TV has the holder of the OneConnect Box.
Now, what is this OneConnect Box? Well, you can see how thin this TV is. One way it can be. This thin is taking all of the power components away from the back of the TV and getting one plug to connect it to

Get it 1 connect, So basically, this is what the OneConnect Box looks like
For my first impressions, its quite heavy, So that gives me some confidence that the TV will have something substantial that will hold it up as far as power goes.

This is how the TV should look on the right side up On the top and right side are where weve got. The vents At the bottom is where we get the main power port. This is where the power cable goes right into and youve got some space to properly line it up, so it stays fixed.
The other end, this Plug goes right into the wall socket On the right side. Weve got a series of ports, The LAN port for your ethernet, the AV port, 2, 5 volt and half an AMP USB ports, 4 HDMI Ports and 1 with eARC for Audio one.

Usb port, which is also 5volts but 1Amp, for your hard drive and then the One Connect port

How this works is now youve got the power port in you just place it on the back of the base of your TV, plug there, OneConnect Cable to the OneConnect box and connect it to the TV with this proprietary plug and port and thats how you power An almost 5 million Naira TV, Oh youve, also got a case to cover them, so it looks sleek
But its at the back of the TV, no one watches that I think Remote Control. The QN900A comes with this very sleek remote. It reminds me of the Q800T we had in the studio last year that on used batteries This time around. While you get pretty much, the same functionality Number Pad Microphone button for Voice Assistant by the way this comes built in with Amazon, Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby. You also get Multi View Directional and Enter Buttons Play pause Home Button Volume Up and Down which you dont press but flick.

Youve also got direct shortcuts to Netflix Amazon, Prime and a TV Station. Depending on your region. You could also get Samsung TV Plus

The upgrades we get on here now are, of course we dont need batteries anymore. You now have a USB C Charging port and hey. We also get a solar panel at the back and you know whats cool.

You can even charge it with just ambient light in your room Fully charged. Your remote should last you for a year. How cool is that
And yeah you dont have to be like me that stands their remote control if they can

Display Quality & Experience, Alright Ill jump to the display quality and, let me just say, yeah, I know its an 85 inch TV Ive said it multiple times now: technically 84.5 inches Diagonally, you can say its just rounded up to 85, Its got really good viewing angles. So, even at close to the edge its still the same sharpness and color, Let me just say its so cool to use a TV with almost no bezels
Yeah, the Bezels are as thin as a pencil drawing a line Thats how thin it is, The looks so cool edge to edge and viewing angles again and again always looked cool Samsung calls this an Infinity Display with Zero Bezels, and I can see why, If I Were to put this in categories for TVs on the market right now Ill say this is the Rolls Royce of TVs.

Anyway, to the serious stuff, What do you get with an 8K panel For context? An 8K panel would play back 7,680 x, 4,320 resolution natively

This does that and also streams that It also has a feature called A
I upscaling where it upscales your 4K 2K 1080p content and makes it look better. On this massive 8K panel, I tried streaming 8K from YouTube. It works, but of course so did my data go along with it? As you can see on screen, it does stream and we have a 2 times 4k quality on the YouTube stats Gaming with this TV was just on a different level.

Very sharp, very vibrant and smooth with those contrast and motion features.
I played call of duty a lot on this TV and both the sound and the gameplay was just captivating and it felt different.

Watching Netflix shows I enjoyed watching on. Here was just cinematic, its almost the equivalent of going to the movies at this point, because its a whopping 85 inches According to experts, The recommended distance is about 7ft. Luckily, we have some space for it.

Other features you get on this guy are HDR what Samsung calls Quantum HDR 64x its certified HDR10. You get that juicy 120Hz with very great motion features and 100 % Color volume, with Quantum Dot.
Theres something Ive not talked about, and I had to wait till this point to get to thats the processor

On here, weve got something called the Neo QuantumProcessor, The name aside. What Samsung packs inside this guy is a major upgrade from their previous lines of QLED TVs. When it comes to the tech here, you can expect better contrast ratio because of the Mini LED youve, got here its much more and has better local dimming.

Basically, the blacks will be blacks and richly so
Say bye to backlight, The TV also has antiglare features, and even when its really bright, you can still clearly enjoy your TV with all that sharpness and brightness and not worry about a thing. The User Interface was also cool to look at seeing all your settings and apps that you can reach immediately. Netflix YouTube Amazon, Prime and you can even Resume whatever it is. Youre watching The interface is easy to navigate No complaints on that front.
Power Consumption: When it comes to the power consumption on Samsungs website stats, there say you should get roughly 250 Watts to 520 Watts at the max.

What I did notice, though, was that this TV got really warm to the front area. You dont even need to touch it.

Actually, Samsung strongly advises against touching it Speaker. As far as the speaker set up on the Samsung QN900A youve got a high end 80W sound system on the TV alone, 8 speakers on the back with Woofers Its got Dolby Digital Plus Audio and Dolby 5
1 Decoder, It has a Dialog Enhancement Feature and the one that blows minds is Q-Symphony where the TV uses A.I to detect an area of the display where there is movement and figures out that sound is coming from there and directs the loudness to that section.

As you can see on the back its numerous speakers all over the display, when I put my hands around, I can feel the sounds pumping from all over the TV

You really dont need another speaker when youve gone with this TV,
However, if you want the best of the best, Samsung offers another Soundbar with even more audio features. That also has Q Symphony, But the sound on here is already that good I mean for that huge price tag.
I hope you found it useful in some way.

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