Should Samsung be worried? – Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

108 megapixels have we gotten to the point where there’s just too many megapixels for one man to handle? Probably not. This is the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. It features a 144 Hertz display that peaks at 650 nits and can handle 500 nits sustained. That’S what it’s rated for! It’S got a Snapdragon 865 processor, a 5000 watt battery with up to a 33 watt fast charging, and it comes with a really cheap crappy case. Look at that<br ?–> Hey it’s a really good thing. This is a popular phone brand, with lots of access to third party accessories, ( laughs, ) Got’em. What else we got in here? They include a fast charger, a type C 2.

headphone jack adapter, as well as a type C, cable and, of course, the phone itself.
Now the things that I’m most interested in here today are, of course, the 108 megapixel camera as well as this is one of the big ones that Xiaomi is touting for this model. The stabilized yes, my friends, optically stabilized 8K video recording on this puppy, The Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, doesn’t do anything for the fingerprint resistance. Unfortunately, but at least it’s quick to clean off

It has gotten to the point now, where, like every phone brand manages to do just a really great job of the fit and finish of their devices. Look at this thing.


That is a really cool color. It’S kinda hard for you guys to see, but it’s like a dark kind of like a black mirror like it could just consume your whole life. You know: We’ve got three cameras, so a 108 megapixel main shooter right here, then a 13 megapixel ultra wide, as well as a just five megapixel macro camera.

The front shooter is, I think, 20 megapixels. So it’s a hole, punch camera and that’s really interesting, so there’s kind of an outer ring around it, but I think the hole punch itself yeah is really small.


That’S very interesting. Insert you SIM card how about not Classic or limitless Help me choose Brandon [, Brandon, ], Classic
Classic, Oh screwing up everything I screwed up everything Setup, complete you’re, ready to rock wow. That was a very painless setup process, Good job Xiaomi Now one of their schticks on the display here is that it features adaptive sync, so you can run it at 30. Fps. 48, 60, 90, 120 and 144 Hertz and based on the content that you’re consuming it should know which one is going to be most optimal, both from a power draw perspective, as well as from a content, enjoyment perspective.


One thing that weirds me out about that, though, is like Brandon: did you notice anything missing there, [ Brandon ]? No, sorry what 24 fps [ Brandon ], Oh yeah! Why is there no 24 Hertz support
So I just want to see if maybe my documentation for the phone has got that wrong and maybe there’s something that I can do here to know.

Okay, not at all Wow. This is actually a really helpful.


Little demo, though, Like you can really see that difference. That is what 60 Hertz looks like
90 looks a lot better and 144 Hertz is like yeah. You really want to take advantage of that Snapdragon 865 processor or whatever, and the handful of games that you’re gon na be able to run at 144 fps You go for that. If it was me, I’d probably run 90 Hertz, the vast majority of the time it really makes a difference, but without quite the hit to your power consumption Whatever. Let’S leave it on 144 Hertz for the sake of well.


I guess we better get on the WiFi Tap to share password feature real nice
It is amazing how far the third party Androids can succumb to the point where even the Chinese ones – I don’t immediately look at them and go. Oh I’d rather have stock Android ,’cause. They actually have meaningful features that you might not find on the stock. Android experience.

On the right, we’ve got our lock button and that doubles as a fingerprint sensor.


Does it have a double click for camera? No? Well it locks and unlocks really fast. So I guess that’s cool, but oh, you can double tap the volume down, though that’ll get your camera open. I’Ll, accept that I’m very fond of that gesture On the top we’ve got is that an IR blaster
Actually kind of looks like one, but I don’t see one in my oh it does You wan na use that you know that universal remote, app or whatever that maybe some developer somewhere is actually still working on, in spite of the fact that IR blasters are basically Dead, this is your phone Over on the left side.


We’Ve got a whole lot of nothing And then on the bottom. We’Ve got your SIM tray type C. Oh, let’s see if there’s a micro SD tray in there Get wrecked Linus, but it does have dual SIM
How close in touch can I get if I have a 108 megapixel camera? I just wan na take a quick picture here. Okay, all right, it’s zoom a loom time.


No, that ain’t bad fair bit of noise out here. Of course, when you have a high megapixel sensor, a lot of the time, those pixels are very, very small, so there’s a very good chance that we’re not taking proper advantage of it unless we are somewhere with a ton of light. So one moment please I’mma, head outside
So I got a revelation for you: Brandon 108: it’s a lot of pixels, So under ideal lighting conditions like dang. Look at that you can get all the way in there Now. Normally, you won’t have ideal lighting conditions, so it becomes more of just like a race to who can have the most pixel megas.


But let’s have a look at this 8K video here. That’S not bad!

How interesting The other highlights of the phone in no particular order are its support for 5G, although only in non-standalone mode, which for now shouldn’t be a major concern ,’cause, I don’t think too many mobile carriers are moving straight to standalone only 5G. Also, of course, the configurations that it comes in so 128 or 256, gigs of storage and, of course, their X axis linear vibration, motor which I actually don’t know exactly what they mean by that in terms of the tech they’re using. But what I will say is their haptic feedback feels a lot better than I would have expected from a brand like Xiaomi, even just a couple short years ago.


It’S not in line with you know, obviously something like Taptic just yet, but it’s also not far off like there’s too much vibration kinda throughout the phone. It doesn’t feel quite like it’s just the screen, but boy. Is it ever a lot better than it used to be? I wan na say that the display did look really good outside no readability issues.
And the last thing I want to try is apparently it’s got dual speakers, but how do they sound (, upbeat, music, ), Uh initial impressions, not great?


Let’S try a couple year old flagship and see if maybe I’m just imagining that that doesn’t sound, very good.

( upbeat music, ), [, Brandon ] That sounded a lot better Yeah. It sounded a lot better.
( upbeat music, ) Yeah, that’s a muddled mess got some work to do there. In fairness, of course, Xiaomi has a much much skinnier speaker port here, but, like I don’t know on a certain level, I don’t care, like you make these decisions, you make these trade offs, so you have to live with the consequences.


It doesn’t sound very good. I’M sorry that’s kind of the cold, hard truth of it. If you’re, not the kind of person who uses your phone as a boombox like okay sure, like whatever that’s fine, it’s just, it is something that you should be aware of.
This shot’s very good. It’S definitely working, so it’s HDR 10 certified.


Why is it in 480 phdr Stop On that subject? Can I take a moment to appreciate that this is a 1080p display or a 1080p plus, and that no one cares. I am so glad that the display density race is over because you’re not gon na, be able to tell the difference unless you have absolutely eagle eyes. Past 1440p and even 1080 at this size looks really good.

And all it does is add more power consumption, so you can push enough light through the panel or I guess in the case of an OLED.


That’S not really the case.
So, potentially more power consumption and push your processor harder, so more power consumption. In that way, it’s just no benefit So the Mi 10T Pro 5G, then solid mix of high refresh rate display high performance, processor, really sharp camera under the right lighting conditions and, of course, a juicy battery, but for better or for worse you’re, stuck with Xiaomi’s skin And it is a little bit on the chonk side, especially when you factor in that gigantic camera bump. So that’s it subscribe for more short circuit. Just like this one, it’s short and circuitous.


No, you can’t be both short and circuitous. Can you [ Brandon ]? What’S circuitous
Like goes around and around and around

Yeah [ Brandon ]; No, No, that’s yeah! Maybe we even thought of that..



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