Snapdragon 888’s Heat – S21 Ultra vs MI 11 vs X60 Pro+

Hello gadgeters previously we have tried 2 smartphone, which use snapdragon 888 as their processor. First one was Mi 11 and the second one was Vivo IQOO 7. From the test of both of those smartphone. We concluded that Snapdragon 888 is a very hot CPU, even though both of their approaches are different and because we still feel dissatisfied and wanted to look for more samples. Today, we’re going to try 3 smartphone at once, which has snapdragon 888 as their processor Other than Mi 11.

There are 2 other new smartphone, which is Vivo X60 Pro, and what is this Samsung Galaxy? S21 Ultra Snapdragon. Our aim is simple: we’d like to see how the smartphone, from 3 different brands fare using this snapdragon 888 processor on their smartphone In terms of performance and temperature. All of these unique smartphone can be gotten from none other than Apple Tree. The link is on description and some info before we start all.

The 3 smartphone has been put into same setting Each uses flight mode with Wi-Fi, only Same brightness level and the display set in full HD, 60 hz and also using latest software update. Before we begin. There’S an info we’d like to tell you guys When we’re talking about processor. There are some variable which cannot be ignored. First is raw power, second is heat, and third is power?

Draw Raw power is the maximum speed theoretically can be produced from a processor. Heat is, of course, the temperature of processor when it’s running Last is power draw, which is how many power consumed by the processor, Those 3 things are connected with each other for CPU performance, When raw power is in maximum condition, heat will automatically rise and same goes For power draw, There are 2 ways to control the heat, Either with effective cooling system or by raising or lowering the speed, processor gradually or usually called throttling. As usual. The first one which we’re going to do is antutu test in a row Because there’s no refrigerator in our studio, so we’re just go. Do it 3 times in a row First inside a room with AC running at 24 degree, celcius temperature.

Second and third is in a room with AC turned off. First Antutu results are as follows: 680k for S21, ultra snapdragon 722k for Mi, 11 and 728k for X60. Pro The internal temperature during the S21 test, the highest temperature was 41,7 degree, celcius, 42 degree celcius in Mi, 11 and 40 degree celcius in X60, Pro Still, okay, and as expected For the next test, we turned off AC and then wait for a while. So the room temperature became a bit warmer. Then start the test.

S21 Ultra’s score gets lowered to around 644k. Meanwhile, Mi 11, still in the level of 706k and amazingly X60, Pro still earned 718k score In the process of antutu benchmark. We checked the phone body temperature. What’S interesting is Vivo X60 quite consistent at showing body temperature which higher than the internal, It means Vivo vents out heat quicker than the other 2. Meanwhile, S21 Ultra and Mi 11’s internal and external temp are quite similar, 42 degree celcius in internal and 44 in body.

For S21, Ultra and 45 degrese internally and 44 body temp for Mi 11 On the third benchmark, which was done without a break in room without AC X60 Pro unable to continue the benchmark test because of overheat. The application was force closed instantly. On the other hand, S21 Ultra received 561k score on third benchmark test and 701k for Mi 11, with temperature at 45,4 and 49 degree celcius From the antutu test. What we can conclude is S21 Ultra went throttling first upon reaching internal heat around 45 degree celcius. Meanwhile, Mi 11 keeps running even though the temperature has reached 49 degree celcius.

Meanwhile, Vivo took unique route by keep on running on the first 2 benchmark test, but when the temperature reaching crucial levels it choose to stop and close the benchmark test. Next is the 3d mark for wild life stress test session? To put it simply, the only one who’s able to finish the 20 minute test was only Samsung S21 Ultra Snapdragon 888. Meanwhile, the other 2 failed Mi 11 stopped on the 11th loop when the temperature reached 51 degree celcius and the 8th loop for the X60 Pro on 55,7 degree. Celcius temperature, The result of S21 Ultra stress test – shows that the performance stability at 64 % Very interesting because similar number, which was obtained on the Exynos version.

Also and again, we can see S21 Ultra throttling upon reaching 45 degree celcius temperature. We can also see that S21 Ultra only last at the peak performance on the first loop and then went down and remained low until the test is finished. It should be noted too that when Mi 11 and X60 Pro was still running, the fps was higher than S21 Ultra Conclusion for the 3d mark, wild life stress test is S21, Ultra prefer throttling to maintain temperature and stability. Meanwhile, the other 2 phone choose to keep running, But both of them arrived in the red zone temperature, where their system forced the device to stop abruptly to cool down the device quickly Last test session, none other than Genshin Impact. As usual, we idling at the same spot for around 12 minutes, while using 3 different account.

This is done to raise the phone temperature Simulating the condition in game, Because there’s no way we’re only going to play game for a minute or two must be at least half an hour After 12 minutes passed. Here’S the temperature condition for the 3 phone S21 ultra has 47,8 degree on the internal temperature, while the body has 48,8 Quite high huh Mi 11 internal temperature was 48, while the body was 47,1. Lastly, X60 Pro internal temperature was 44 degree, while the body was 51 degree. Unfortunately, when we were about to play it, Genshin Impact was force closed in X60 Pro because of overheat. Well, we put Vivo aside for now bye.

Next, we explore the game in a condition which quite hot, for both of those smartphone, and here is the number which we got. S21 ultra has FPS around 50, while the body temperature is 46,8 degree, celcius, Mi, 11, quite stable at 60. Fps even thought the body temperature was at 50 degree celcius. We were quite confused with result from playing Genshin Impact. Idling in map made S21 Ultra temperature reached it highest temperature Even higher than the benchmark test, but when exploring the temperature went down Other than that, actually results from S21 Ultra and Mi 11 was in accordance with the benchmark test, Where the S21 Ultra snapdraogn 888 performace Was limited like that to control the temperature, Meanwhile Mi 11 prioritize performance than comfortability and safety Back to the stuff which influence the soc performance.

So when we’re talking about processor power, it can’t be separated from all of that, For example, the Snapdragon 888 in 3 of these phone. It’S raw power is so high. Therefore, using maximum power for longer periods will make you get very high temperature, which cannot be controlled perfectly yet by the cooling system in those phones. So Samsung took second route, which is thermal throttling. Actually, we also wanted to measure the battery consumption when the test was over, but because not all phone able to finish all the test, So we cancelled it R, Ok, so that’s it!

The comparison of 3 phone which use snapdragon 888. According to the analysis of this video and the previous one, Snapdragon 888 characteristics are as follows: Huge raw power, while the power draw and hit, are quite big too. Meanwhile, the previous generation Snapdragon 865. It also has more than enough raw power, but it’s cooler and draws less power than 888. So basically like what we said before that Snapdragon 888 is a powerful processor, but also hot.

At the same time, Each brand has their own freedom to find the balance point between the two Either keeps running like Xiaomi

More conservative, like Samsung or took unique route like Vivo. This characteristics is something very interesting to wait for in flagship phone which going to release with this processor. What’S more interesting, is how gaming phone this year going to tame this powerful processor? As always, if you like, our video you can like share and subscribe, Don’t forget to click the bell icon, so you get notified everytime. We upload new video.

If you wanted to ask about those 3 smartphone, you can drop comment in the comments section and stay tune to our next videos. Bye, guys, byeee


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