Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Smartphone In 2021

This is an extremely important video for keeping your smartphone safe & secure. This video will tell you how to keep your smartphone safe in 2021. We’Re doing this video, because technology keeps changing & it, makes our phones vulnerable to various attacks. This video is all about making your smartphone secure, so do watch this video till the end And don’t forget to share this video, but before that subscribe to our channel & turn on notifications for all the latest updates We’ll be covering some 10 important points & most Of the points apply in today’s world ( watch. Our previous videos relates to security given in i-card ).

The most common factor by which your phone becomes vulnerable & you might face. Data loss is because of Third Party App Downloads. You have to avoid this

Always install apps from the Google Play Store.
Do not download third party apps & do not install unknown apks on your phone. That is no 1 reason for your smartphones getting hacked.

You can simply avoid this. Just by disabling unknown sources, app install option, We usually enable this option of unknown sources And forget to turn them off Only turn it on when you really need an app on your phone that isn’t available on the Google Play Store. Downloading apps from Google Play Store. Isn’T always secure so remember that Many apps on play store are removed because they have some issues And if you download an app that has some issues.
You can take some precautions by managing the permissions of that app If you’re using Android 10 & above then, you check all the permissions that an app is taking on your smartphone For eg.

If have downloaded a game & it asks you for camera & microphone permission. Then it might be something fishy Red Alert, So please don’t give all the permissions to such apps & find an alternative for that app And always keep your apps & software. Up to date. These updates will fix the error bugs present on your smartphone

If you’re running an updated, OS or older apps, then it opens the door for hackers. It’S very important, to keep your smartphone up to date with the OS & as well as your apps.

Currently, you have so many different accounts across various platforms, so always keep different passwords for all your different accounts. This sometimes becomes difficult to manage all your passwords, but you can always use a password manager app to manage your different passwords.

Some password manager links are given in the description below so check it out Suppose if one of your accounts gets hacked & that password is linked to all other accounts, then your other accounts can easily be hacked And always keep 2FA 2 Factor Authentication turned on that. Will further improve your security? Take your device back-ups from time to time of all your photos, files, messages, etc.

Constantly keep on taking back-ups in every 15 days, because if your phone gets stolen or is misplaced, then all your phone data will be lost So take back-ups. Activate Find My Device & take care of your phone
We charge our phones a lot in public places & if you’re used to charging at public stations. Then please avoid this. There are strong chances of a phishing attack on your smartphone. In fact, the adapters you see at public charging stations have some chip inside that can extract all data from your smartphone.

So please do not do this. Carry a power bank to charge your gadgets, but don’t use public charging stations And do not install antivirus apps

They’Ve really become useless these days, Antivirus apps are generally not needed because the latest android versions work the same way to protect your phone, So do not download antivirus apps One more things that is important. We usually use, pin or password, but never use, passcode or passphrase & that is the safest, because pattern & pin can easily be hacked. So it’s always safe to use passphrase, Which is the combination of numbers. Letters & special characters Need to tell you 2-3 things.

We often browse in incognito mode thinking it is safe, But actually it’s not that way & your ISP has all the info about your browsing.

If you want to browse something private use, TOR browser as it is kind of a VPN That will enable safe & secure browsing for you, But normal incognito mode is not secure. We do get different ads & personalized ads on our smartphones, But it can be disabled. In google settings This will turn off the ads that you get based on your interest, So please turn them off.
As this technology is evolving, hackers are getting various ways & mediums to hack our smartphones.

Keeping our smartphones safe is in our hands & is very important, So don’t forget to share this video with your friends. That’S it from this video Until then Keep Trackin & Stay Safe,

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