vivo X60 Pro – Best Camera Phone?

Hello, everyone, it’s SpawnPoiint and welcome backto, another video and today we’re taking a lookat. A new phone that launched very recentlywhich has got quite possibly the best camerai’ve ever used on a phone. So this is the x60pro from vivo and it’s got an amoled screenwith, a 120Hz refresh rate plus it’s got a triplecamera setup, a snapdragon, 870 processor and 12GBof ram. So i’ll. Do a quick, unboxing and i’llobviously cover the top features of this phonebut.

Then what we’ll do is we’ll take a closer lookat. Some real camera tests for both the video andthe photo now the night mode and the portraitmode is incredible. I’Ve been impressed by overthe last week or so while being out and about butthe inbuilt stabilization. The gimbal stabilizationis awesome, i mean the zeiss calibration thatviva have with the x60 pro and the x60 proplus is a real game changer. But let me showyou what this phone is capable of and someof the pictures i’ve been able to get from itand.

You can decide for yourself if you thinkthis, really is worthy of best camera phoneof 2021. First up this is what we get insidethe box. So we’ve got the phone itself, which wewill take a proper look at in a minute or sothen. We’Ve got a 33 watt charger. We’Ve got someearphones as well as a 3.

mil adapter to use withthose earbuds. We’Ve then got a usbc type chargingcable and then we’ve got a transparent, hard, casethe manuals and a sim removal tool so it’sgreat to see that we’ve got a charger in thebox, something that we’ve actually gotused to other manufacturers, removing right. So here’s the phone and first impressionsthis feels really slim. This could probably bethe thinnest phone i’ve actually ever held she’sgot a nice low profile to it, and i quite like therounded edges with the curved screen on thefront. It instantly makes my iphone 12 feelquite kind of thick and bulky, so the powerlock and volume buttons are all on one siderather than being on opposite sides: somethingthat we’re used to seeing on other phones.

Aroundthe back we’ve got a triple camera setup, includinga 48 megapixel lens, along with an ultra wide anda portrait lens. Now these lenses do protrude veryslightly from the back of the phone, but this isn’tanything new. It seems that most manufacturers aredoing the same then there’s some branding for boththe vivo and the zeiss at the bottom. We’Ve got thesim card slot, which is a dual sim and that’s for5g and we’ve got the speaker now unfortunatelythere’s only one speaker on this phone, so ifyou’re using it in landscape mode for movies andgaming. It will only come from one side of thephone, but it’s good to see that it does use a usbtype-c for charging.

Now. You might also notice thatthere’s no 3.5mm jack, even though the headphonesthat it comes with well, they are 3.5mm and that’sbecause they’ve included that little adapter withthe phone, something that the iphone used to doa few years ago around the front. There’S a verysmall cutout for the front-facing camera and thatblends in quite nicely into the screen, so there’sno notch here at all.

So looking at the screen, thisis a 6.56 inch amoled screen and it looks prettysharp considering it’s only a full hd plus and nota full 4k screen. So you can see it’s got a kind oflike a 3d curved design to it, so the screen almostwraps around the edge of it, giving that kind, ofimpression, there’s no border at all and holding itit, feels and looks awesome. I love the borderlesslook, but what’s really impressive is the 120Hzrefresh? It’S so smooth and it’s so responsive whenusing it even just navigating through the menus orswiping between various windows.

You can reallysee just how smooth it is on top of that it’sgot, a 240Hz response rate, which makes using itfor fast paced gaming silky smooth at the bottomof the screen. There is a fingerprint sensor: sowhile you’re, on the home screen, for example, youcan actually see it here, and on top of that, we’vealso got a facial recognition. All of these iconson, the home screen, can be customized, so there areactually six different animation icons for boththe, face the finger, and even when plugging in forcharging, this screen does support HDR, playback andHDR10. So any content that you watch on youtubeor your streaming apps that also support hdrlooks great on this, but in terms of specs of thex60 pro, it’s got a snapdragon 870 processor 12GBof ram and a 256GB of storage. Now recently, we’veseen a few phones released with the new snapdragon888 processor.

I actually did a review of the redmagic 6 a couple of months ago and that came withthat one, but this is the new 870 processor, so it’snot quite the same. It’S actually more comparableto, the previous 865 plus from 2020

Now thex60 pro is running. The fun touch os 11 whichis based on the android 11 os. So it looks cleanand you’re, almost getting the same experience asyou would expect from android 11. Instead, it’s gotsome extra menus and it’s got some extra controlcenter features as well, but it all looks, runsand feels awesome.


So now the biggest feature: ofthe x60 pro is definitely the camera, so i’vebeen really looking forward to showing youwhat. This camera is capable of so i’ve beenplaying around with it over the last week or soand. I’M really really impressed. So it’s got threelenses and it consists of a 48MP lens which isyour main one. You’Ve got a 13MP ultra wide andwe’ve got a 13 megapixel portrait lens.

As well, asa 32MP selfie camera on the front, not something iuse that often vivo have also teamed up with zeissto bring you improved optics now what that meansis for their new portrait style mode, you actuallyget a really really nice and smooth bokeh on yourphotos. That’S basically, the blurred background, orthe depth of field that you’d like to see and i’lltell you what the portrait mode on this phone doesnot disappoint. So it’s got an f 1.57 aperture anda 50mm, equivalent lens and over the last week, ofusing it i have taken so many photos and i’ve beenreally really impressed by them. So here are somephotos i’ve taken in the portrait mode over thelast week or so in various different situationshopefully.

To give you an idea of what this camerais capable of now, i think they look pretty goodoverall. Every shot is really sharp and it focusesreally well once you tap to focus, but it does havean auto focus as well. Now a really cool featurehere is, if you’ve taken a photo using the portraitmode you’ve tapped a focus on an object. Butafterwards, you decide. Actually it’s eithernot in focus correctly or you wish you’d focus onsomething else in the photo.

Well, you can actuallyretrospectively go back and change that in thephoto itself, so here, for example, i’m actuallychanging the focus point, i’m actually adjustingthe depth of field as well. So you really see herehow. You can manipulate the photo after you’vetaken it. I think this is awesome. I mean it’snot 100 accurate, but it gives you an idea of howyou’re able to tweak the photo after you’ve takenit, as well as the portrait mode, there’s also theultra wide lens, and that allows you to obviouslycreate some really wide shots and some prettydecent photos.

So again. I’Ve taken some randomphotos over the last week, or so let’s get an ideaof. What this camera is capable of, and this superwide lens is only 13MP, but the results aren’tbad at all, but the really impressive mode thati wanted to show off was the night mode. So thesephotos i’m showing you now. These were all takenat night after 11 o’clock in the evening.

So itreally is pitch black. This is the evening, but thepictures have come out absolutely incredible. Vivohave called this their extreme night vision, 2.0now, there’s a little bit of noise in the picturesbut. Overall, it does a great job of reducing thatnoise a lot less than i was expecting to see.

Andthese are really impressive, so as you’re takingthe shot, there’s actually a countdown in themiddle of the screen, so you can really see howlong. You need to be stood there. Holding that phonethen there’s a couple of other modes. Includingthe panoramic there’s the long exposure we canreally capture some totally different perspectivesand the ui to do all of this is pretty easy andstraightforward to use so overall, the qualityof, this phone in terms of the camera and thepicture quality, is incredible. It actually looksbetter when you take the photos off the phoneso, because the screen itself is not a 4k screenthe pictures are better than what the screencan show you.

So when i took the pictures, offand actually transferred them across to my iphonemy iphone 12 pro max and my macbook pro and theylook better on there than they do on the phoneitself. So overall, i am really really impressedso. We know it’s brilliant at taking photos butwhat’s it like at taking videos well over thelast week, or so i have been testing this outnow. It does appear that out of the three lenseson, the back, only two of the lenses can be usedfor video and that’s the main one and the zoomone or the portrait one. It doesn’t seem.

So you canactually record using the ultra wide lens which issurprising, because on the iphone, for example, youcan use all three lenses, but it seems to be onlythe two lenses at work on this phone, but eitherway. Here’S some content that i’ve shot from thisphone in the normal wide lens at 4k, 30

Now thisphone can record up to 60 frames per second whenyou’re in 4k but the quality of everythingi’ve recorded at 4k30 has looked incrediblei mean all the other footage that you’ve seen intoday’s video this was shot on the iphone 12 promax so it gives you an idea and a comparison atleast between the two but what do you think whatdo you think to the quality of what you’re seeingon screen now versus what you’ve seen elsewhere inthis video i think it looks pretty good but ifyou swap over to the slow motion option it willactually record at 120 frames per second or 240frames per second in 1080p so here’s some slow-mocontent but remember this isn’t 4k so it’s kind ofbeen upscaled for today’s video so it’s not gonnabe quite as clean as the rest of the video anothernice feature on the x60 pro is it’s actually got agimbal or stabilization built in it’s got afive axis video stabilization and i’ll tellyou what it does make a noticeable difference whenyou’re capturing videos now as i’ve said before iactually use my iphone to record all of the videoson this channel and i actually use that with anosmo gimbal but i’ll tell you what if the iphoneinternal stabilization was as good as this phonei would not need a gimbal it really is that smoothso i’ve been walking around and at one point i waseven running i’ve been moving side to side toreally test out what this camera is capable ofand everything is so smooth now sometimes withthe recording you can actually see a very slighttilt or shift with the lenses as it’s trying tostabilize but that’s kind of expected with howfast i was moving overall pretty impressed withhow it handled the motion so i’ll quickly touchon the game inside of this phone so like withmost phones you can game on it it’s absolutelyfine the snapdragon 870 processor does a greatjob of supporting any games i’ve tested includingcall of duty mobile now as i mentioned earlierit has got the one speaker set up at the bottomwhich means when you’re gaming it’s pretty weirdreally it does put you at a slight disadvantage asall of the sound is coming from one side of thephone the only issue that i have found with thisphone for gaming is the fact that it’s sothin it’s actually quite difficult to holdbut other than that it’s great and if you pairedit with say a bluetooth controller for exampleinstead of holding the phone that would beeven better i also talked about the speakerson this already but here’s a quick test of themono speaker setup to give you an idea of whatthe quality is like now i know most will probablyuse a headset or maybe the earphones are includedbut anyway this is what they sound like youcan make a decision for yourself and dieda thousand times the battery on this is a 4200milliamp hour battery now i couldn’t find anyofficial figures but it lasted me an entireday before i needed to charge it so that’spretty standard it’s capable of a 33 watt fastcharging with the provided usb cable and the brickbut unfortunately is not capable of wirelesscharging now this might not be an issue for mostbut for something that i’ve got used to over thelast couple of years or so with different phonesit’s a shame to have it missing so there are afew areas of this phone that i do think could beimproved on now one is definitely the speakersetup i think the audio really lets it downnow it’s not just the quality but it’s the factyou only get one speaker because we are so used tohaving two there’s also no ultra wide lens whenrecording videos probably not a huge issue formost but it would be nice to have that now there’salso no ip rating so there’s no way of knowing howresistant this is to water or dust there’salso no wireless charging as i’ve mentionedand it doesn’t have a 4k screen but for thefeatures that you do get it’s a great phonenow these are currently listed on amazon at �749and $770 and i feel that’s quite a good priceconsidering the camera capabilities that you’regetting plus the features that it is lackingwould probably add another two to three hundreddollars to the price so ultimately if you’relooking for an android phone with a very decentcamera setup and that nice low profile designthis is pretty hard to beat i like iti’ve enjoyed using over the last weekand the picture quality that i’ve actually got outof most of these portrait photos that i’ve takeni’m really really impressed by i’ve also droppeda link in the description if you’re interested inknowing more well you’ve just made it to the endof today’s video so thank you for watching if youdrop a “best camera phone” in the comments i willgive you a thumbs up as i know you’re still heredon’t forget to hit that like button subscribeto the channel and turn notifications on so youdon’t miss my next upload you can also followme over on instagram and twitter until next time

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