vivo Y51 Unboxing & Review – Before you Buy!

The first thing you get in the box, ofthe y51 is the smaller box, housing, theSIM, ejector tool and paper work. Nextup is the device itself which well getto later As far as accessories weve, gotthe fast charger, which is supposed to getthe phone to 70 % in slightly over andhour, and I will share my own real lifetest results with you.

Then youve got theUSB C charging cable and the headphones On the phones body right up top is whereweve got one of two microphones: the SIM slot its a dual SIM slot memory card slot, anda rubber ring, which I believe is meant tohelp in case of water damage.
The phones, totalstorage can be up to 1TB, with your micro SD Card On the bottom.

Weve got the headphone jack, another microphone port, the USB C port and speaker grille Theres, nothing to the leftside of this phone and on the right side is wherewe. Get the power button, which also doubles as thefingerprint reader and the volume rocker keys On the back of the device is whereweve got the rectangular 48MP cameraarray and the VIVO branding at thebottom of the back of this device.

Im a fan of the mirror-like looks of theVivo Y51 and the slickness of the device.Looking in terms of color options: youvegot the Titanium sapphire, which is bluishand the Crystal Symphony and thats thedevice. I have right here in my hands:
Buildquality in general is solid for me: withthat polycarbonate, back and solid sides with how slim it looks as well.

Itdoes feel great to hold in the hand At a price point of 109,900 naira. What else does this device have? Tooffer Lets dive a little deeper Looking at the 6.58 inch LCD display ofthe vivo Y51. You do notice texts, arelegible and, of course, graphics are quiteclear.

Vivo doesnt compromise on displayquality and gives you a 1080p Display.The resolution is set at 1080 x 2408 with the pixel density, which is high at 415.Streaming, would naturally top at 1080p as wellin 60 FPS too, and even at that, its stilllegible in video quality and text as Well,

When youre watching videos or evengaming and general audio stuff, you might want to use headphones, thankfullythis comes with wired ones in the box or you might want to go wireless.Eitherway. You do notice that the speakers, of course, a single firing speakerfrom.

The bottom can easily be blocked.
With regards to specifications of theY51, youre, utilizing an 11nm processor, the Snapdragon 665 pretty decent for this pricepoint and based on my overall usage on the phone, its performed fast for tasks, I tried on it ofcourse. It would definitely be fast when youve gota whole 8GB of RAM on this phone 128GB ofstorage

All of this ties into the experiencewith, the latest of Android OS Android 11 poweredby VIVOs FunTouch OS 11, A pretty decent package. Of course, youre going to enjoy light, andsome graphic dependent games on this deviceand. I have noticed no lags at all in myalmost 1 month of use with this phone.

When i did play heavy games like Call of Duty battery life went all the way down from 50 % to 39 %, which is an 11 % loss.
Overall, when it comes to the battery its of course, a 5,000 mAh huge battery and it supports 18W fast charging.

Thebattery life during my own usage was fair, pretty comparable to many 5,000 mAh batteriesIve used. I could get up to a full days of useand some left over excepton days, where I gamed a lot. As far as my charging speeds, it went somethinglike this From 0 to 30 % in 30 minutes.

In 1 hour. I got up to 58 % the 87 % in another 30 %, ,99 % in another and 100 % just 3 minutes after so ittook, 2 hours and 33 minutes to get this phone from0 to 100 %.

The charger that comes in the box is a9Volts, with 2Amperes, so technically 18Watts whichis regulated depending on how you use your phone
Sensors on this device are of coursethe fingerprint reader to the side, which is really fast, even with avery light touch and, of course, face unlock, which was also fast. I didprefer the fingerprint reader overall Up front inside that water drop notch display youve got the 16MP front. Camera sensor, capableof shooting 1080P videos in 30 frames per second youve got HDR as well on the back.

Youve got the 48MP main sensor. Youve also got the 8MP ultra-wide sensor and a third 2MP macro sensor, The main sensoris capable of also shooting 1080P in 30 FPSand. The differentiator is that its got EIS. I liked the selfie shots. I took on the 16MP widefront facing camera, its also got portrait modeand.

I actually thought the background blurwas smooth enough.
No complains on that front With the normal lens of the vivoY51. As with many other mid-rangers, you can only change to the 48MP in the extramenu and the main shots you get are smallerin file, size and overall general image. Quality.You also have other modes panorama Live, Photo slow motion, time-lapse ProMode and Documents for scanning

One major difference: youll notice, when youswitch from the 48MP mode is the file size.

The regular 16MP modes image is 4.6MBwhile the 48MP, with a larger file size, andtheoretically, higher quality, isover 12MB or almost 3 times as big
The difference in the image quality is alsonoticeable, especially when you zoom in. I also appreciate how saturated shots canlook on the Y51, the reds are quite hardand. It mains. This look even when zoomed in tothe maximum 8x With the ultrawide angle.

Yes, because its an 8MP lens, you do get a sharpshots not as sharp as the higher 48MP capablelens as expected. So you wont want to cropinto this image. If youre sharing on socials

All in all, the main camera performs well for most of my photo needs even atnight and Ill come to it in a bit Again, as with many midrange smartphonemanufacturers with a whole lot go cameras onthe back. This has an extra appendage in whatsa 2MP macro camera, which, when you compare theresults, you do get clear shots up close to yoursubject, but the colors just dont match up well.
This is made up for by the detailedNight mode shots you get on this camera.

The 48MP capable sensor does shine here when you compare normal shots with Nightshots. Details are evident when youlook at my shadows on the ground and when you look at the normal shots, they are very different. Although withthis image, processing and brightening wedo notice a lot of noise in the brightenedimage or the night mode. What vivo calls SuperNight Mode

It also works on the front camera When it comes to the video recording quality onthe Vivo Y51. You do notice that the main camerais fairly stable and doesnt shake as much Withthe Electronic Image.

Stabilization on here, orEIS youre, able to observe quite well everythingin frame. There are little exposure shifts fromplace to place during my use, as well as slightloss of focus when zoomed in, but those can beavoided if the subject isnt extremely lit anddark. At the same time, I
E harsh sunlight andshadows When it comes to the front facing camera. I liked the quality and saturation as well Thats it for my overview on the VIVO Y51 aninteresting piece in the midrange category for 109,900 Naira or just $ 233 dollars whatwould. You love to have seen in this device.

What would you have loved to take away as well? Would you buy this and, if theres anything youthink, I missed or any question you feltI didnt answer, please let me know inthe comments below

Thank you for watchingand Ill talk to you guys in the next one.

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