Xiaomi Pad 5 After 30 Days – The ONE to BUY!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a decent tablet that can do everything — from content, consumption to productivity and everything in between. But the real kicker here is that the price for Php17,990 – you get a fast and sharp display a great-sounding quad-speaker, a fast chipset that can handle modern gaming and a battery that comes with fast charging capability To all the subscribers. Welcome back and thanks for stopping by once again and if you’re new here we make tech videos of all kinds so feel free to drop a sub to get notified of new content.

I think the feature that you want to know first is the performance and software on this device If you’ve used MIUI devices before it’s basically the same, except with some features in the settings not present on the tablet, like vibration, super wallpapers and double-tap to wake
But for the rest, like Game Space, it’s here Xiaomi also added additional options in the settings for keyboard and pen, which, unfortunately, we don’t have today.

And if you’re buying this tablet, you have to buy the accessories separately.

All you’re getting in the box is the tablet and the 33W charger Going back to MIUI. Even with the Snapdragon 860. The frequent frame drops is still noticeable across the UI
I think the additional RAM would’ve helped. This tablet run a bit more smoothly, but Xiaomi stuck with 6GB RAM for both models.

And with the version that I’m running on, I have yet to see the RAM extension feature here.

Overall, the software on the Pad 5 is a lot like the one on the POCO X3 Pro, except a bit worse. As gestures are finicky on this one, There’s no slot here for a microSD card and cellular connectivity. I understand if some of you are a bit bummed out about the latter, but in my case the tablet hardly leaves the house. So I’m connected to wifi. Most of the time and I’d just use my phone’s hotspot connection, if I ever have to work outside
I also never felt the tablet overheat, partly because of the large build it’s going to require you to sit outside the sun to make this device throttle.

You may notice lower frames when playing games, since the Pad 5 is running on a higher resolution.

Speaking of resolution, I love the 11” display on this one, It’s LCD, so you won’t get the same level of contrast, ratio and saturation from an AMOLED Samsung tablet. But the technical specification that comes with the panel makes this one a joy to use. It supports DCI-P3 and covers over 1 billion colors and, to top it all off a 16:10 WQHD resolution.
You do get those black bars on top and bottom when watching videos, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

The only quirk of the panel is that the reflections are almost unbearable when the content you’re watching is dark almost to the point that you’re watching your own reflection. But this only happens when, in a decently-lit environment, There’s also enough brightness to make the display readable at best under the sun, but indoors it’s a really bright display. The bezels are also thin almost to the point where I wish it was thicker to make the tablet a bit easier to handle, but it’s still manageable on this one.

Other features that make this display a notch above others, are ambient sensor and color temperature sensor. Ala Apple, true tone For an Android tablet.

You don’t usually get those features, so it’s nice to see them here. I don’t have any complaints regarding the camera. The quality of the 8MP selfie camera is more than enough for video conferencing. Even the 13MP is technically capable of capturing decent videos and photos. When you don’t have your phone with you,

It’S basically a tablet capable of recording 4K videos with good mic quality.

A tablet. Yes, a tablet. The 8720mAh battery is enough to make the Pad 5 last nearly 6 hours of screen time with a bit of gaming on the side, and that’s thanks to the good standby time of MIUI. The box includes a 22W charger allowing the tablet to replenish in two hours.
But if you have a compatible 33W charger lying around, you can top up in a little over an hour and a half That may not seem fast, but we’re talking about a nearly 9000mAh cell here.

As for the build, the Pad 5 has a sharp and hefty design, like literally The metal frame. Has these chamfered edges that feel sharp when you glide your hands onto it, I thought the back was using glass, but apparently it’s plastic.
Until I read a review from somewhere, I never once thought the back was of plastic, especially that it has this matte finish that looks and feels premium. The only downside to this black color is that it attracts prints like there’s no tomorrow. Overall, this is a solid and premium feeling tablet that you want to take care of, But you definitely want to use a case on this one, since the plastic panel will surely accumulate scratches over time In portrait orientation.

Two speakers are facing north and another two facing south
They support Dolby, Atmos and hi-res audio and they sound incredibly good, especially at high volume levels.

They’Re also loud, but to get the best of the bass in movies, you really have to crank up the volume slider, The top also houses the power button, no fingerprint scanner here, so you’re left with face, unlock or pin code as the first line of defense. There’S a strip on the right side, which is made for the stylus pen to charge and magnetically, attach The bottom features the USB-C port, while the left side leaves us with three pogo pins for the detachable keyboard.
All four microphones are placed around the device except where the pogo pins live. Alright, if you’re going to take a look at the other brands, the closest competition of the Pad 5 is the 10” Matepad from Huawei.

Although the overall specs are slightly lower than the Pad 5, that one comes with cellular connectivity, But the biggest caveat for regular users is the lack of official support from Google.

The next alternative is the realme Pad, but that thing is underpowered AF and is too expensive for what it offers.
You can look at Apple, but they’re going to be way out of the budget, and while you can also look at TCL and Samsung, most of them are also underpowered and the display quality you get isn’t just as good as the one on the Pad 5. The only problem with the Pad 5 is availability Since its local launch in the Philippines, Xiaomi has only released very limited numbers of stocks. Online and offline Waiting for stocks to become available may require waiting between weeks or months So for the Mi Pad 5.

It’S a great tablet, probably the best bang-for-the-buck tablet in 2021, when it’s available

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